Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday musings

South Americans seem to take their soccer/football really seriously!If this is a friendly, I wouldn't like to be at a derby!

My sis should be here today morning apartment hunting.The sem starts mid-August and she wants to have a place to stay by then.That would have been good planning were this a larger town but it isn't.This is a college town and finding accomodation is horrendous!There are more people then there are houses, some landlords don't like renting to students, other new apartment buildings targetting students have come up but are rather pricey as the rent comes with utilities (internet,cable, water and electricity).So the best time to find a new place would be around the end of the semester and early summer.I had been telling my sister and her friend to be searching around June but they put it off till now, so the odds of getting a place walking distance to Campus are really really slim.It is so so tempting to say I told you so but I think I'll just shut up this time round.
Stop Press:Seems there has been an accident on the interstate, all lanes are blocked so she'll have to come here tommorrow instead!

Other then that the two bottles of milk that I had in the fridge at home and at work have both spoiled.When milk here spoils it doesn't turn sour but turns into a watery suspension (yuk!).But there was only half a cup in each bottle and I had kept them past the expiry date anyhow, so no biggie.Just have to go shop for some more later on this week.Now off to type the rest of my article reviews!Damn doing all these papers sucks!That's one things I won't miss about grad school when I graduate!To all those in the same boat as I am, read hard!


egm said...

Ah, the joys of apartment hunting. Don't really miss it one whit.

Spoiled milk? Been there, done that. Now I buy the smallest containers of milk and use it up right away, since I have tossed more milk into the garbage bin than I care to count.

Soon I'll be joining the ranks of wasomaji. On part time basis though, so that might make things harder. All the best on them reports!

Acolyte said...

@ egm
I was happy to get this new place asap!As for my sis it's going to be an uphill task!
I made the mistake of buying two bottles instead of one, silly me!
Part time studies are less stress full then full time studies, all the best!

Movie Buff said...

Those papers kill me. Ati I had to analyze the stock of Hyperion for the last 5 yrs sijui what. KILLER!!!

I am also abt to start apt huntin. Not looking forward to that mess.........

Have a good week Aco

egm said...

I hope you are right. I will be doing a masters in EE, taking the regular classes but at night or streamed online. Those who have done it say it is a killer, so I'm quaking as I wait.

acolyte said...

@ movie buff
I feel your pain.I want to buy Kenyan stock soon so I want to start analysing it and making the appropriate graphs, not looking forward to it but a man's gotta do...
Have a good week too!

pikei said...

I will have to agree on the milk issue. I don't think I have ever finish a half gallon of milk. I am as pathetic as you are.

And all the best with Grad school!

acolyte said...

@ pikei
Maybe they should make a smaller milk package for people like us?
Thanks for the good wishes!