Friday, August 04, 2006

Press dos for espanol,no-one but you,horror movie cliches

This unlucky bastard spent two months in jail that he didn't have to.That's pretty sad but it does give credence to the suggestion that people make.If you are coming to America do learn to speak english, It'll save you a whole lot of trouble!Because human beings dont come with a button called dos por espanol!
I recall when we I was young and we only had one TV in the house.My mother and my sisters used to love watching telenovelas aka South American Soap Operas.The favorite one at the Time being No-one (starring Andres Garcia) but apart from the weak plots, poor lip synching when dubbing, I discovered that latin American mamis have bootie to kill for; and to make things worse the chics in that show used to wear cleavage revealing outfits as they lounged in their villas!Ah they joys of a young man discovering the beauty of women!
The Sixth Sense was on TV the other day and it reminded me of all the cliches in horror movies.Here they are!But I'm sure Nick knew all of them anyway!
Anyway have a nice weekend and if you are stateside make sure you watch the Steve Harvey comedy special that's going to be on BET tonight!I know I will.......


kelitu said...

if you want to see boobage and legs for days. Tune to Univision 'Las fea mas bella'
It comes about 7pm.

acolyte said...

@ Kelitu
Thanks for the head(s) up!Now were you watching the show for boobage and legs or for the plot?

The Devious One said...

loool @ Kelitu sooo true ! do u see what the mamas who read news in Univision wear..its like once theyre done reporting on how Hezbollahs ass got kicked by Israel she will head to the club for raunchy hour even before the teleprompter is turned off !!!

acolyte said...

@ devious one
From today Univision is my channel!

nick said...

@Post Ho: its like Days of Our Lives and Young and the restless that had fly chicks even the older ones were hot

@Post Ho wanna be/soulmate:ati a diss from a mile away...sweetie same script different cast

Movie Buff said...

Manoj will NEVER make a movie as great as Sixth Sense...... I see dead people!!! One of the best movies EVER made

I must be missing out on Univision.... leo its ON!

@ nick.... No wega.... its all LOVE!

spicebear said...

spanish soaps and tv in general have fly guys as well but i must admit, the girls way outnumber the guys. i know a couple of udes who watch univision alot and dont speak a word of spanish.

steve harvey special? really? i'll check it out, lakini the way B.E.T has the longest commercial breaks ever (for those disgusting KFC bowls no less) chances are i might forget to switch back.

acolyte said...

@ comment ho
I never did watch those shows much, but the mamasitas still take the cake!
@ movie buff
I agree with you 200%!I wonder how his new movie is?BTW I have invited you to chat on g-mail!Hook up with univision!
@ spicebear
I see I am not the only fan of spanish mamis!
I do agree that BET's ads break are too long!
Imagine I have never eaten at KFC!

The Devious One said...

@ Spice, then those soaps are funny the dudes all have hair like Fabio and why is it always blowing in the wind and theyre in the hao ??

Aco yenyewe ata mimi I agree,I batiza U the name Blog Ho Wangia !

Archer said...

@Aco: you've never eaten at KFC? You should try it. Very greasy chicken but its the best that you'll ever put in your mouth. I pull a KFC plan at least twice a week.
This is not an admission. But does anyone remember Acapulco Bay on KBC a few years ago? Those latino chics were by far the most er... sumptuous of any soap I've ever seen! They all had thighs like Serena Williams!

acolyte said...

@ devious one
I already have a nickname from nick so I will pass on that one!
@ Archer
If the kuku is as good as you say I will most def give it a try soon!I remember the progi but I cant remember the women and their thighs!

The Devious One said... you keep kulain that KFC kuku, eka pesa kando za kununua pace maker and a defibrillator coz those two will come in handy in the later years.

I tried KFC once and it jus didnt cut it for me, now if they had some Kenchic over here in Dubyaville with the same kind of would be inkoho for breako lunch and dinner !

spicebear said...

@ aco
i dont even to eat it to know that the KFC bowl is vile. corn, cheese and sijui what? ewww! as someone said its like throwing up backwards.

@ devious
i'm not the fabio fanatic kind - his hair is waay to long for me. but hair blowing in the wind and they are in the hao? LMAO! thats so true though

acolyte said...

@ devious one
Now you are making me miss Kenchic!That was the best kuku ever!Not this crap they sell here!
@ spicebear
I see you used to a fan of dem shows too!