Thursday, August 03, 2006

One nation under Islam, People with too much time, unity through smut and dotting

I was reading this article on the BBC website about how life in Mogadishu is shaping up to be under Islamic rule. I stand behind my last post supporting them if they can bring order to the chaos.Yes I do know that it may end up being like Afghanistan under the Taliban but who knows lets hope it doesn't turn out that way because the so called democracy that was suppossed to have been brought to Somalia hasn't done much for the people.
I think some people have too much free time.If you can spend a whole night making things like this, I seriously think you need to get a life and a job!But they do keep the conpiracy theorists active, so that's cool.
I must give a big kudos to the power of smut to bring people together.I have never met so many bloggers on-line till the day I said I would share the spotted outside Soho's forward!You are all welcome to drop me a line even if I dont have anything racy to share!
My sister taught me a good trick to getting extra services without paying extra to your cable company.She told me that you should call and ask them if they are having a special for existing subscribers.They always have specials but dont advertise them so that people keep on paying full price.So after some negotiation I managed to get a whole load of extra channels for an extra $5 in addition to the movie channels that I am enjoying as part of my special that ends in Sep.So now I can spend extra time in the morning watching music videos like udi.BTW I watched the Spanish MTV music channel and realised that there must be a reggaeton starter kit coz all those songs have the same beat!
I have a take home exam to do and I perfecting the art of saying little things with many words.So back to work!


Msanii_XL said...

Aco you lie...reggeaton has the same beats!

I'm being listen to one reggeaton song you have heard them will be hard to differentiate the soundscapes...

acolyte said...

@ Msanii
For one moment when I turned on the TV I thought I was listening to one 15 minute song only to realise that they were 3 separate songs!
Msanii why don't you make us a genge or kapuka starter kit?I want to be a star!

The Devious One said...

Lingala is what sounds the same to one one song is like 15 minutes long and if u perch ur ears right u can hear the back up singers puffing from lack of breath coz of singing, dancing and chapain drums at the same time !

acolyte said...

devious one
I must agree that quite a few of those lingala songs do sound the same.The ones that take like 5 mins to climax and then climax for 4 mins are the ones that make my day!If those peeps were to perform an album for you the concert would take the whole day!

spicebear said...

as much as i want to be hopeful, if somalia has moral police walking around already then it will go the way of the taliban, all the signs are there.

kumbe rumours keep people together? hehe, when people complain about kenyans abroad rumour mongering ... teehee, ill stop there and move on. i have no strength to incite people today.

lol, ati a beat starter. think of all the musicians who would come ou of the woodworks, i shudder at the thought.

acolyte said...

@ spicebear
As for Somalia let's wait and see how it turns out.

I did not spread that forward out of malice or hunger for rumors.I did it to keep KBW together.We had become apart as a family but now I have given us something to talk about.I did it for KBW, for you and for me!

Kapuka 101!That sounds like a great idea!Kenya's got talent would make a good reality TV show.

Rista said...

Dude, kill your tv! read great books, work on brilliant projects instead of sitting before that greatest of time sinks :-p

acolyte said...

@ Rista
Actualy I only watch two hours or less of tv daily but I love to have music playing in the background.With the great volume of books I read as a grad student novels and classics kando!Grad school is one big project!Those things will come when I am done with school.

spicebear said...

lol aco, are you sure you typed in "I did it for KBW, for you and for me!" with a straight face? as i said, i'm being nice today but ... nah, i'll keep my mouth shut.

since you blog almost everyday, put some of your posts to music and release and album. make sure it rhymes and to add in references to shoes from rock collection, clubbing and fly chics who want you. it will be on heavy rotation in no time!

acolyte said...

@ Spicebear
I was serious as heck when I made that statement!You don't know how much I do for KBW!
That sounds like a good idea.All I need is some crunk beats and I could have a hit in Kenya.I can be like those one hit wonders that are always on radio back home!

spicebear said...

then that just makes it funnier. whatever helps you sleep at night dear :-D

just remember, when you go do those live shows and rip people off by doing the whole lip sync thing then i'm your manager, i get 35%.

acolyte said...

@ spicebear
Why would I need to lip synch when I'll have lyrics like Lil Jon.Same catch phrases over and over!So now you get 10% but make sure you bring cute groupies to my dressing room!

spicebear said...

i swear (yeah!) i'm so tempted to do a comment full of lil jon-isms (what?) but i will control myself and get back to the serious stuff (okaay!)

now, one last question for you. three aco-isms that you would use in your one hit wonder ... jibu swali and make my day!

Acolyte said...

@ spicebear
Aco-isms that are coming in...
1.Come selector
5.Ach ach ach ach!!!!!!!!
More to come soon!Get the groupies ready!

spicebear said...

incorporate all those into one verse and a chorus and i will get you signed today, i promise! better yet, sue them all in your next post.

ati "ach ach ach", LMAO.

Acolyte said...

@ spicebear
Here goes....
Boom twaff boom twaff!
Come selector!Aco in da house!
Pewa barley,
sikiza mahewa,
zikipiga boom twaff,
ukiruka kama kubaff,
angalia dame yule ni kitu,
shika hizo vitu!
chorus:Mikipenda hii ngoma sema Ach, Ach, Ach, Ach repeat 3 times

Now where's my record deal?

spicebear said...

lol, aco clearly you have been practicing infront of the mirror with a hairbrush. c'mon, admit it. i'm sure you have a book full of rhymes somewhere.

you are hereby signed to sukari robo kilo (akiey2006) records. look for the contract in the mail. now all i need is an advance of 50,000. before you get your boxers in a twist its KES, so thats a heck of a deal.

hehe, aco you are such a distraction. now let me get back to being useful.

acolyte said...

@ spicebear
Wacha I hold a ka-harambee for the advance!
As for being useful, I have so much to do and no time!Damn!