Friday, August 04, 2006

Strokes on wheels, take home exams

The Soho's forward was being discussed on late night Capital FM!The radio presenters gave some points some of you strokes on wheels fans need to know!

1.Make sure your moti has tinted windows!
2.Choose a dark secluded place!
3.Do not chomoa all your clothes like the peeps in that forward!Pants off is more then enough!

Anyway since those peeps were busted I would like to know the outcome of their case!For those of you who have been busted please comment anonymusly and tell us what went down!

Moving on, I just sent in my take home exam.It was good to get it out of my hair or should I say locks!With the ennui that was part of that class I am not expecting a high grade at all but as long as I don't have to do the damn course again!I now have mad respect for Phd students!4 years of this plus teaching?!Hell naw!

No more class!Woo hoo!But school restarts in 10 or so days!Booooo!By the way I just realised that I have been in the States for one year and some days.How did I remember.Last weekend a good friend of mine had her birthday (the cockblocker - a story for another day). On the second day I was here I went for her birthday bash.So I talked to her last weekend and she told me that she was having a birthday bash.While I was chilling in the digs watching this and other stuff on cable (yes I'm a big kid at heart)!So I guess maybe I was a birthday present to her?Nice weekend ya'll and no shagging where you may be busted, remember The Acolyte cares for you!


spicebear said...

take home exam? i should be so lucky. i have mean instructors who would rather you sit for hours on end as a slow form of torture.

cartoon network rocks! esp adult swim.

from what i remember it was pretty hard to get down at a nightspot back home - if it wasnt overzealous watchies then it was those cops. like for example some girl i know was caught by cops someplace in westland and they handcuffed her and told the dude to go tafuta 3,000 bob. or some other dude who was caught in the parking lot of carnie pants around his ankles and had to do mchango cos the threatened to impound the car, hehe.

but being totally naked was abit too much. how in the world did they get that way without someone noticing?

The Devious One said...



makanga said...

Get off that toonami.....Adult Swim with cool margarita drinks. Ama Boomergang with the old school toons. Late night summer bliss.

Shag shag on....

Archer said...

Haha! Talking of getting busted... I got busted live kwa sahani last December. The goons impounded my car and my DL, ati "gichana unachua umefanya hatia? Panda Landcruiser haraka sana!" somehow I worked out a deal with them coz the O.C.S. who had jurisdiction is a good friend of mine, so I bought them pints at the local cop station pub the next day and laughed the issue away.

POTASH said...

wah, yani me this vibe I am skiaing it here. Aco you are a source of info on this small small things like nation wanting to charge for access and this maneno here. I do not listen to radio and when I do it has to be one of thos e Kikuyu stations; I dig the music man.
Anyway, busted, have you ever heard those ones for Karni ndani...not parking, in the hanyee.. wewe me mambo of caught up, hapana I cannot tell that storo.

acolyte said...

@ spicebear
Well with that course a take home was most def the better option as if it were a sitdown I would have gnashed big time!
Yes Adult Swim does rock!
As for getting down back home it depended on what joint you went to, at some joints the watchies were more bribable then at other joints.Lakini when you are busted it's kubaya as that will be the most costly shag you ever caught!
I hear that couple did not get away.
@ devious one
And again I rebuke that name!
@ makanga
Adult Swim and Boomerang rock too!Nothing beats old school cartoons!
@ Archer
Kumbe you are a man about town!Lakini why the rush to kamata ovyo ovyo when you can go to your place or hers?Ama you were catching a mama who was still under daddy's care?
@ Potash
Ngoja I move to the big city, I will make this blog a source of mucene of the highest order!
I hear the playground for Carni used to see mingi action!

Archer said...

Spur of the moment daddy! Plus her folks were home, mine were home, and we were kidogo tipsy and bila ideas.
A.O.B: Aco cud u pls email me & show me how to upload pics onto a post? Email is acting up so I can't ask you by email.

Acolyte said...

@ Archer
Pints have been responsible for many problems ppl find themselves in!
I'll email you asap!Don't kula too much raha over the weekend!

Archer said...

Aco I think you jinxed me with that statement coz I've just got my leg broken. I'm serious.

Shiroh said...

Aco, i was waiting for juicy gossip on what you have been doing with the derailer.

"shakes head in disappointment"

m said...

Hey hey hey! Picha gani hizi? A guy -- hook us up!!

acolyte said...

@ Archer
Pole sana my guy!Get well soon!
@ Shiro
Mad mucene coming soon!
@ M
Wacha I pitia your blog, get your address and I'll send them to you ASAP!