Friday, August 18, 2006

Poor Nick, A bet that took balls, buying crap, a stupid dance and return of bile!

One of our old timers has been campaigning in private and in public for my picture.The simple fact is that first of all I don't like taking pictures very much, second of all I do like to remain anonymous.But my dear lad, if you do want a picture of me so much you can find a copy of newspaper for my town from yesterday.I am on the front page with the President of the University.

Sicknote aka Chris Kirkland finally got to play for the England. His dad and friends took out a 100 pound bet when Chris was 14 stating that he would one day play for England before he turned 30. The odds of the bet were 100/1 so now Mr Kirkland and his pals will now collect 10,000 pounds. Chris has been dogged by injury after injury during his soccer career and this has resulted in Liverpool declaring him surplus to requirements despite his talent. I give his dads full marks for having the belief that his son would one day play for England and putting his money where his mouth is!

Still on football.Michael Owen is going to miss the upcoming season according to recent reports. I am sure Newcastle are feeling like a bunch of kubaffs right now.They paid 8 million pounds extra for him and he hasn't delivered the goods. It's like going to a showroom and outbidding everyone for a high performance car only for the car to break down on after a short drive leaving you with an expensive repair bill. This git walked away from Liverpool and has never been the same again. He left Liverpool to win trophies, and the ironic thing is that the silverware began to flow when he left. Talk about an occasion when you should kick yourself in the ass.

Onto stupid trends. One of my fave blogs said that if you find anyone doing this dance you should kick they ass!I agree this is one of the stupidest dances I have ever seen!It is on par with that pirating dance peeps used to do, these kids should do something useful with their time like finishing High School!

I met a blogger the other (who will remain un-named till further notice ) and we started talking about some things that rankle us. After I vented a bit she told me that I can talk smack. It is with that in mind that I think it is about time that everyones' number one purveyor of bile and haterade came back.......The Instigator! I think only the old timers remember him. I'm going to ask him to guest blog very soon.As our Kenyan radio presenters would say...KEEP IT LOCKED!


Msanii_XL said...

About that dance...If you over 14 you have no business doing that dance EVER.. stupid as dance

And yes you do talk smack..

hehe i beat the groupies today?

Archer said...

1st! I beat the aggregator... wuahahahahaaa! Off to read.

Archer said...

Damn you Msanii!

Acolyte said...

@ msanii
I do agree with you!
As for talking smack, you ain't seen nothing yet!
@ archer
I see you beat the agreggragator but not msanii!LMAO!

Archer said...

Aco, is your local newspaper online? Shouldn't be too hard to find your pic! But why would I want it? Hmm...
About Owen, he's just been unfortunate with the injuries. I trust he'll be back better than before. If he'd stayed in Loserpool you'd have been solid title contenders ages ago.

Acolyte said...

@ Archer
I dont think the pic is up anyhow.Owen is made of glass nowadays.
Ati loserpool?!Son better show some damn respect before I fly over there and kick your ass!Once we stopped depending on Owen our team grew by leaps and bounds!

Movie Buff said...



mocha said...

Top Ten....not bad.

'Working late', so off to read and will comment later.

Aco...plans za weekendi???

Archer said...

@Aco: You wait for regular service to resume at West London Billionaires Club, we'll get back to thrashing the Reds 4:0 as usual.
@Movie Buff: hey groupie #1. I thought you were on vacation? How's it going?

The Devious One said...

@ Licious ..this is a conspiracy I say !! how are we shikilian mkia like that ??
as for the dance....i work with jungus and whenever thers an offic eparty...which in their mind gives them the right to twitch or what they call dancing..i done seen moves like that !

acolyte said...

@ Movie Buff
It is pleasure to be!
@ Mocha!
Good for you!Work hard!I think I will be doing some studying and chilling this weekend.No time for Derailer!
@ Archer
Whenever a cup is involved your Chelski always comes out second best!
Form is temporary, class is permanent!
Respect your elders!

acolyte said...

@ devious one
You snooze, you lose!
Dont even get started about white folk dancing!That's just sick!

Movie Buff said...

Hey Archer.... Im good. ENJOYING the break......Vacation means I dont go to jobo. I still have to do blog rounds. What can I say, Im addicted... LOL!!!!!

Aco.. ati no time for the derailer??? LMAO. Damn shame!!!

mocha said... is a conspiracy. We should sue...LOL!!! Aco is busy patiaing other peeps inside info. SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!

@Aco talk tena! YAWN!!!

As for the dance...wacha the kiddoz do their thing. I must admit, I did the shuffle back in the day and it is still fun if you do it with the right crowd for a laugh. Memories BANA!!! As for jungus twitching (D1 2006)...that is a story for another day.

Aco...ati you will be chopping? Woi...pia mimi once I find out my results.

If I dont come back...have a nice one!!!

Archer said...

@Aco: I don't know what jinx your boys have on us during major cups but we will break it someday soon! Class is permanent but the glory days are long gone. Accept it.

Wsup Devious!

egm said...

It's nice to have someone have such great faith in your abilities like Chris' old man. That should have been strong motivation.

acolyte said...

@ Mocha!
I have a big load of classes this sem so the sooner I get started, the better!
@ Archer
If end of the glory days means Champion's league, FA cup, community shield in two seasons then let the glory continue ending!
Just because you have the most expensive tools doesnt mean you will do the best job.
in some cases faith can work wonders!
Off to the gym!

acolyte said...

@ Movie Buff
I may see her this weekend but with the sheer bulk of masomo that I have this sem she is going to see less of The Acolyte!

Prousette said...

Kinda very fond of the instigator I am.
But seems all the time I miss this party!

Did someone call that a dance once?

lovely w/e Aco & everyone

instigator said...

@ prousette
And the Instigator is fond of prousette too!

Anonymous said...

I tell you acolyte if i dare hear those kenyan radio peole saying that phrase as well as "we gotta pay some bills..." i will forced to take action...
i mean kwani what are we keeping locked?! sheesh

kelitu said...

damn that's me appearing as annoymous...but i stnad by my word...

acolyte said...

@ kelitu/anonymus
You have to give props to our radio folks when it comes to destroying a phrase by mis and overuse!

Couch 'tato said...

@archer: Much respect to msanii...before the dawn of man there was the king sneak-MSANII this guy creeps like u wouldnt believe we used to say he has comments section on speed dial

@Instigator: sleeze crew holas at a collabo

@Aco:...just u wait!i asked nicely and politely-now its down and dirty...poor no more..

acolyte said...

@ couch tato
Bwehehehehehe!No pic for you soon son!I will most def holla at Instigator bout the collabo biz!

Half 'n' half said...

Lawd have mercy on those tois, their parents should should smack their little chicken noodle soup asses!!!!!!!!! and when the presenters say its the new craze am tempted to ask WHERE? Damn they make Italia's close up dance-o-mania look exciting......As for your picture, somethings are better left as they are No?
I am definately not a Liverpool fan or newcastle for that matter but I do miss micheal Owen, Man the guy bought a whole street for his family- Gotta love him

Anonymous said...

dumbest dance yet seen...but c'mon peeps, let those kids indulge in the joys of youth, otherwise when else would they dance like that and get away with it, huh! they are building tomorrow's nostalgia, after all i happen to be a culprit of pirate dancing and am not ashamed of it...good ol' sahara city days!

acolyte said...

@ half n half
I think not everything a mass of people decides to do should be hailed as a trend, but I think it's too late now.
I have to give props for michael Owen for buying a street for his people.
@ Anonymous
Well you do have a point, the kids have to have something to flash back upon after their adult lives turn to crap.

mwasjd said...

Considering how the reds started the season, I guess the hopes of the title are gone already. Away games should be played with Crouch upfront, standard. That's the reason why they did well last season, he holds the ball up, and is a target. But 37 games still to go...

nattysoul said...

Stop dissing pirate, went for a bash on Sato where we were all cracking up as we tried to remember those moves. Pains of growing up hmm?

acolyte said...

@ Mwasdj
That was only one game.Like you said there are 37 more to go!
@ nattysoul
Pirate has nostalgia that I will concede!