Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dating, Freebies,an Idiot and a hard lady

I had a draft post that I was going to put up today but I decided to nix it after remembering an IM discussion I had with a pal of mine.

What I would like to know from you out there was the topic of our discussion.
Should all dating be done with the aim of marriage or should people be able to date casually?
She is one of those marriage fanatics (Okay not that extreme) but you know those people who have tunnel vision as regards marriage.
I know the way I have laid out the question has made it somehow broad but any and all opinions will be appreciated.

I have always wondered about how many large coporations complain about piracy in the third world but do little to make their goods affordable their esp in Africa.At least in India many of the big corporations set up shop and quite a bit of books,software and music are made/processed in Asia for Asians.
In the case of Africa, other than South Africa we are not granted the same attention and as a result piracy runs rife.Few people can afford brand new software out of the box.Most music is out of reach of most Kenyans buying power.I mean tell me how many Kenyans can afford to buy an original CD for $20?I think unless these corporations do something Africans will keep on enjoying their products straight from Pakistan, China and other piracy havens.
Now that I have assuaged my African conscience, it is amazing how much free stuff you can get on the net (I am listening to the Greatest Hits of Ace of Base, damn they had good music!).Software, books, music, movies; of course most of it isnt the new stuff but free is free!I would be beside myself for abating mooching by any of you, so go out and buy the stuff!

How long was this dude thinking he could get away with it?I mean the extra bras in the laundry and boobage would be a clear give away?

Now this is a woman you dont mess with!She had her ex-husband killed, chopped up, roasted and fed to tigers!Hell hath no fury....


Princess said...

Hmmm...the question about dating I will leave and address later. A for the guy who decided to have a sex should have been honest with his wife before he started the hormone therapy. As for the Thai she is cold-hearted. I wonder what the usual suspects are up to today..I am pleasantly shocked that I am the first to leave a comment on your blog.

Acolyte said...

@ Princess
Congratulations!I too have no idea where the regulars are!
As for Asian women, I hear when they are out to get you; things are narrow!

Tato said...

how dare u post when i been here all along

-i think dating shud be done for the sake of fun..but later on marriage will be in mind

Ace of Base rocked them swedish groups knowthere shit eg ABBA
wheel of fortune/all that she wants/sign...

currently i am lookin for SNOW songs

Acolyte said...

@ Tato
Why should I follow you to comment when we all know about the aggregator?
I feel the same thing about dating.Why all the pressure so early on?
I think snow only had like 2 or 3 good songs ie Informer and Lonely Monday morning.

bomseh said...

dating, should never lead to marriage.that is my opinion and i'm sticking to it.coz marriage can end up the Thai-woman-way or the Kibaki-Lucy should be fun.not ownership.
as for the free dowload site,give me the address. or show me how to download from or

Joseph Walking said...

Lol i have to say i am not shocked at responses and i know more will come . but i say dating should be done with the thought of marriage somewhere. otherwise why date then..... i jua you are probably thinking typical joe! right-come on i know you are thinking typical saved guy vibe. but even in this sinful world of *friends with benefits dating without the thought of marriage doesnt make any u see what exactly would be the point of dating if it wasnt drifting to exclusivity/marriage -ni swali tuu

*disclaimer. i do not advocate for immoral actions and i support true love waits position

Movie Buff said...

Answer to your question about dating: NO

Now, how you been?

acolyte said...

@ bomseh
Now you are on the other extreme of Joe.As for the site, I will holla at you kando as soon as I get this work done!I am yet to visit the sites that you mentioned.
@ joseph
I am not for just going around having orgies in the name of dating but on the other hand before you date someone do you have to see the two of you walking down the aisle?
What about dating for fun and companionship?
@ Buff
Straight to the point I see!I am sawa but sick and tired of this joint, you know how it goes right.

Joseph Walking said...

"What about dating for fun and companionship".Acolyte we are grown men lets call i spade a spade 'companionship and fun lol si thats what friends are for .if you want companionship and fan make friends.once you start dating like it or not exclusivity comes in somehow even when both parties are in denial.if its just fan. i am a believer that men and women can just be friends.but if someone wants to elevate the situation then we can start dating.

mind you maybe a defination of what dating meaning might be in order

Udi said...

that term always seems new to me- casual dating that is.

@tato- snow is chonjo. Get his greatest hits CD.

@Aco- Girl i've been hurt, lady with the red dress, ease up were other good soings

acolyte said...

@ joseph walking
Does being exclusive mean that you have to get married?
But I guess that brings in even more questions, will blog more about it.
@ udi
Casual dating bila pay-off is takataka!
I had forgotten bout those other songs....

Anonymous said...

Call me romantic, but i honestly feel that love is a connection made early on. A person knows after the first few months if a relationship is even worth moving toward marriage. We as people just settle in relationships for companionship and not true love. People have an internal biological drive to be with someone of the opposite sex. Regardless of any feminist (I want a career instead of husband) or anti-marriage people (marriage is used to tie men down), we want to be in relationships. So, should dating be for the sake of dating no, but as long as society seems to push the feminist and anti-marriage agenda it will be continued to be used.

Acolyte said...

@ Anon
Thank you for your opinion idealised as it is.In a perfect world things would be as you describe them but society has given us many ideas and conflicting values hence the reason I cant get any consensus here!

Anonymous said...

Define dating. What does it involve?

I believe that we should socialise before we specialize. Make friends and get to know each other before you decide to become exclusive. See each other sans the many masks we don day to day. Marriage may not be on the cards but so long as you two in the relationship know and understand where it is heading or not i see no problem. MOU ama?


Karanja said...

"To thineself be true"...
If you are too much of a coward to say that all you want is a 'saturday night special"(not using those words...but she understands the intent in your message), then play it slow and let her approach you. If it isnt clear what the intentions are at the very beginning, then both of you are in for a headache- if she is cool with just f%C#!N& you ovyo, then you have a month to worry about what that 'tingle' is and why your D!c& is itching (3 months if you test regularly)
On the flip side...women you have voices, dont hoo up with a drunk guy you met at the club and think that it was 'love'.
Remember, many people believe that "a marriage is a misunderstanding between two people"
devils advocate rocks

mocha said...

In my opinion, dating should be fun with no expectations. Of course marriage should not be ruled out either, coz all that will come if the dating moves to other levels of a serious relationship and commitment.

Having tunnel vision of dating expecting someone to marry you, that in itself can make it a painful experience coz you expect to much out of a simple (or a few)night out.

As for the sex change dude....only happens to odieroz.....weirdos or what!?

As for the 'psycho butcher'.....eeeiiiissshh!!!

Kenyanchick said...

"Socialise before you specialise!"

I love it. It just about sums it up for me.

As for that sex-change person: I don't believe that story for a second. How does your husband grow breasts without your knowledge? Kwani don't you live in the same house? AND ati he used to wear a dress to pick up the kids? And the wife thought....?

Acolyte said...

@ Aegust
I do agree with you that a definition can save a whole lot of problems!
@ karanja
What I was trying to find is a middle ground between fun for fun's sake and seriousness that has people writing wedding bans after the first date.
@ Mocha
I agree to many expectations on date one just destroys things.
As for odieros, they are on their own level!
@ Kenyanchick
that phrase pretty much sums it up!
As for the wife, I think she was in denial!