Friday, September 15, 2006

Furahiday Fun!

T.G.I.F!With it being Friday I think the week should be ended on a light note.So here goes!

Kubaff Of The Week

Dude!You wouldn't be smiling so much if you knew that the photographers are all snapping pics of 50 kissing Nicole and not your happy ass!Poor bastard!

A drunk gets some attention during his black out from Nonini

Can't a man enjoy his black out in peace without some bastard trying to wake him up?

Manyake!All sizes......

I guess she was talking out of her ass or sumthin...

A threesome it is then boys!

After bowing out at the top of his game, Milo decided to show of his fashion skills

Where is this urinal!One guess only!

Nick worked to get of the Bilas train with unheralded zeal!

My favourite muppet Nini makes a face for the camera with her partner

Have a good weekend!More pics next Friday!


gishungwa said...

an first doing a dance! love the pics esp the black out ones.

Acolyte said...

@ Gish
Congrats!Long time since you've been here!Have a sawa weekend!

Devious One said...

Nick not only was trying to get off the bilaz trains ( while it was still moving speeds of 65 mph )..but he was also wanting to get some calcium and Vitamin D in the form of milk from the womans brists ( as my biology teacher used to say...dude couldnt say breasts even if a gun was pointed on his mothers head !! )

Who knew Milo was a cross dresser on the side ....

the word verification Gods are with me today...yes !

acolyte said...

@ devious one
Nick did indeed give the people a show to remember!
Milo is many things we dont know about!
Word verification has had mercy on you!

mocha said...

LOL....I can see you dug out your Pulse archived pics Aco!!!

Thanks for the gentle reminder of Kenyan 'celebs' caught on camera.

@Gish...I can see you are slowly returning. Summer imeisha, huh???

@D1.....LMAO @ brists!!!

Acolyte said...

@ Mocha
The Pulse archive had to be unleashed!
Our "celebs" can misbehave too!

Movie Buff said...



D1 u r a hindiot.... lol @ brists........

Anyone heard from Archer???

Acolyte said...

@ M Buff
Archer is sawa, for technical reasons he cant comment on beta blogger blogs.:(

Movie Buff said...

He doesnt have to sign up. He can just comment as "other"....... Tell him I miss him!!!!!

Acolyte said...

@ Movie Buff
I am sure he will read this.How come i dont get this much love from you when I go missing?It just aint right!

Movie Buff said...

bwahahaha... when have u ever gone missing???

Acolyte said...

@ Movie Buff
YOu do have a point.....

Devious One said...

@ Mocha & Buff...yes my teacher used to say brists which always ( and to date ) cracks me up !

So I can imagine Nick katianing this is what transpired right before the picha was taken

Nick: madam, hallo, what is your name

Madam: Njoki is the name but you can call me kijo ( insert giggle )

(Nick summons waiter )

Nick: Kijo would you like a beverage or something to munsh (no typo dude is from nyeri )on ?

Kijo: sure, I would like a Tangawizi, some hen, sosenj and bhajias

( Nick upon hearing that decides to only order his kawaida drink..fanta )

Some hours later ..he woos Kijo to the dancefloor and he notices Kijos brists are quite jiggly and comes to the conclusion Kijo is not wearing a sindiria and then he moves in for the kill...and it is at that point that SosPeter the success card model turned freelance photographer snaps away as Nick is all over Kijos brists !

Acolyte said...

@ D1
That sure sounds like the script.I wonder if at the end of the night he gave her the usual questions.....

Nick - Ulikunywa cocktail?

Njoki - Ndio!

Nick - Ulikula pizza?

Njoki - Ndio!

Nick - Ulipenda ngoma?

Njoki - Ndio!

Nick - Ulipenda K2?

Njoki - Ndio!

Nick - Sawa, lazima chuma ilale ndani basi!

Nick isn't as helpless as you gals think he is!

Devious One said...


kwanza he will say piza..not the way its pronounced peetzah...

Nick: Ulikula piza

Kijo: dio

Nick: shuma inarara dani reo au sio ?




The.Hanyeé said...

Nonini's drunk looks pretty much like Smitta, spewing in his own drool...

LOL at hungry (in many many ways) Nick-ol-ass...that nyondo is begging to come up for air..

Snap! Thats the talking ass they shoulda had in "Ace Ventura"!

Acolyte said...

@ D1
Nick is most probably getting ready for round 2 and it will take sometime due to his time on the sidelines.
Let's hope he can find my blog and isnt blinded by the after glow...

Acolyte said...

@ Hanyee
Pints for stato are too expe for peeps to get that wasted on the regular!
I am sure Nick had a blast with that mami!

D One said...

@ the hanyee...that tanye has a life form of its U can see fromt he pic...Kijo had changed into something more risque for Nick and at the time Sospeter was snappin away.. Nick was tellin Kijo.....
" this is KMC approved prime reg of rab..auuuuuu Kijo can I nibo on it ?"

(translated )
this is prime leg of lamp, can I nibble on it ...

Acolyte said...

@ Hanyee
Where is this disdain for Smitta coming from?Seems there is a clique that doesnt have too much love for him!

Movie Buff said...

LOL... u guys... I have a shirt that says Shuma Razima Irare Ndani.....


Loves it!

>d® said...

Ha ha, funny stuff! Have a great weekend man!

Acolyte said...

@ movie buff
Now that is a shirt that I must see!!!!!
@ >d
Have a good weekend too!