Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Very Interesting Picture.......

Chilling while the towers go down

I usually don't post on weekends but I thought I would post this before people forget about the recent 9/11 memorials.
On 9/11 as the two towers went down a photojournalist tried to get to the site and as he did so he came across this group on the waterfront and took their picture.
Is it just me or do they look a tad bit too laid back for people in a country under attack?Are they the personification of Nero fiddling as Rome burned, an exemplary example of American's youth disconnection with what is going on around them?That is open to interpretation.
The photojournalist didnt publish the picture for 5 years.
The picture has drawn mixed opinions with some wondering whether the group were discussing what had just happened or were just chilling.
The picture taker discusses it here.
If you ask me, the way this group is laid back is just plain disconcerting.If it was me, I would be in the process of going upcountry!If this is how they handle two planes being rammed into building not to far from where they live, I can see them whipping out their swimsuits when a nuclear strikes goes down.
But anyway what do you think of the picture?


spicebear said...

ok, my other comment was swallowed, blogger is in a mood today.

the picture is interesting and a bit disturbing. what were they to do? the photographer said that the subway wasn't running and that traffic was horrific. would the pic have been more appropriate if they were looking terrified pointing towards the towers? or huddled around a radio? maybe crying? i don't know. we are not privy to what happened before or after the picture and the dude who took the picture did not ask because he only wanted to take a snapshot in time. we don't know what they are dicussing or what they are thinking. very interesting pic and most definately food for thought

Rista said...

Hi Aco :-) it's been a while. Thoughts on the pic... a) they've been smoking weed... hence the chillin' b) they weren't aware there were planes thru the towers, may have thought it was just a big fire?
Have a good one. - Rista

Acolyte said...

@ spicebear
I guess it's just one of those days for blogger.
I do understand the group were stranded but dont you think they should have been glued on the tv or listening to a radio?
They definitely look too laid back for me, but I cant say much as that is just one moment out of a whole day for the group.
@ rista
Good to have you back!
I do agree that knowing how slow Americans can be, they didn't know what was going on!

Princess said...

It is hard to say what was really going on in this picture. On 9/11 one of my friends called me and told me to turn on my tv, and then explained what was going on as I was watching the screen and trying to wake up at the same time. Had she not called me I would not have known what was going on until I left the house because I never used to watch the news in the morning prior to leaving the house. So perhaps they did not understand the gravity of the situation. I agree with Rista's view.

pikachu said...

they say in NYC you've seen everyhing. the thought of two towers collapsing from a terrorist attack with the mainstream world largely unaware of underground al Qaeda pre-9/11 is unthinkable. i would've thought it was a Hollywood filming happening if I were there. 9/11, 9/11, I slept all day and night that day, couldn't eat, piss, couldn't get up to go to uni, was unnaturally depressed, found out about 9/11 the next day in psych tuts. All these students brought in these papers strewn all over the table trying to psychoanalyze the images... freshman days lol.

Kenyanchick said...

I don't know why, but I don't buy this picture. I just don't. Are they sure it wasn't photoshopped? i respect Slate and all, but something doesn't sit well with me.

I think we're being had.