Monday, September 11, 2006

I am boring, lesbian witch-hunts, hyporcrisy and other things

I have come to an important coclusion lately......I am boring.Why do I say this?Because I find most of the people around me very boring and I was told that if you find people around you boring then you must be the boring one.So The Acolyte is one boring bastard.For some reason lately I have found that more and more I am beginning to enjoy my own company.A friend of my roomie came to visit the other day and she finds it shocking that unlike her and her room mate, we spend alot if time in our own respective rooms doing her own thing; so she constantly invites me to join them whenever she comes by.
Most of my life I have been a deep introvert and when I tell people that, they are shocked because I do a wonderful job of faking it.This article which was on someone else's blog (give yourself a pat on the back) struck a cord with me. I think a job where I had to constantly interact with people would tire me out and I guess that is one reason I dont like me current job too much because I do have to answer the phone and deal constantly with 4 people where as in my other job there was very little phone answering and only one person to deal with.I dont mind working with other people but it's the constant pretence at comradere that is part and parcel of most American jobs that bores me.
I am one of those people who would like to come in, say good morning, put my nose to the grindstone and leave most interaction to job oriented exchanges.Picture me rude but I don't want to know how your grandkids are doing,where you went for your anniversery,what your husband/wife likes,go out for office lunches and take pictures to send the other offices in the form of a christmas card (yes our office does that, ewwwwwww!).
But much as some women have to fake orgasms to boost their husbands ego, I will fake enthusiasm and comradere for the sake of office solidarity and to appear a team player!

Most people who read my blog know that I will never be seen at a gay pride rally but there is something that I came across black looks website that made me raise an eyebrow ala The Rock.It seems that a tabloid in Uganda has taken it upon themselves to out lesbians and gays in Uganda.All they ask is that you send them the details and they will print them.Much as Kenya has been vilified by many blog activists, it has never gotten this bad and I doubt that it shall.The worst thing is that the government seems to be encouraging this situation.I can only shudder to think what would happen if a spiteful neighbour called the paper and gave in your details as revenge.Witch hunts have never been known for sparing the innocent, so it is obvious that quite a few innocents will go down.Anyway there goes my Public Anouncement of the month, back to regular programming.

I am reading this book for my class on Leadership and it has opened up my eyes to the hypocrisy of the United States.The U.S constantly sends it's envoys worldwide telling them to be more inclusive to women in leadership when it has a pathetic record itself (I'll do a more indepth post later).Most of Africa is not leadership friendly to women but as this article shows at least some of them have made attempts ie Uganda having a female Vice President.
I know Kenya is still a bit further back and that can change but not at the moment when our MPs have already started campaigning despite the fact that elections are next year.Sheeesh!I guess I'll leave it to M to bitch slap them.

I was adding some new sounds to my soul collection and I came across something a KBW member would be interested in.Archer, here's a little Boney M for you.Enjoy!Anyway back to boring old Monday.....


Aegeus said...

Who says it is wrong to enjoy your own company? I like to do so over the weekend. I find it most refreshing to spend the weekend locked in, knowing that i will not have to speak or see anyone unless i choose to.

I think i have stayed at my current job this long since it is not a teamwork gig. Boss issues jobo to me, leaves me be till am done and only interact with clients breifly on the phone and when they deliver jobs. I have an office to myself in the corner of the factory - heaven! (The other peeps in administration upstairs share glass cubicles with the finance director etc - Poor sods!) My pals and office mates often comment and ask, "do you not get bored and lonely all by yourself?" Am like, "Hell no! I prefer it that way."

When it comes to gays and lesbians I go with the Live and let live philosophy.

On gender empowerment, sod it! Si lets all get out and tout for votes. You will get elected depending on how you campaign not whether you are male or female. (Si mamas are the higher number of voters, ama?)

Jadekitten said...

I love my own company, I know that without a doubt. Consequently, I have been branded a loner, and that's just one of the nice ones. Every once in a while, when a situation calls for it, I do the extrovert-charming-party animal thing. And then I get tired of the cháráde and go back t being my old self.

My job lets me be who I am, I only have to get on phone for work-related issues for a few minutes at a time (how much longer can it take to discuss your, or my, money?)

On sexual preferences, live and let live be my motto too...

Leadership as regards women is one of those things that our generation is really trying hard to embrace. Not having any political inclinations myself, I spur on my female friends who would like to dabble in the same, and they ARE quite a few. All I can is wish them LOTS of staying power....


pikachu said...

r u sure u r not gay? lol that mix was very YMCA. oh tell me about it, people are so boring until you find their quirky wavelength. I don't think you're boring. You're funny.

it's still largely male-dominated but if you think about it maybe that's because 50% of those females who graduate from tertiary education juggle motherhood.

Acolyte said...

@ Aegus
If I hadnt gone to your blog I would have thought that we have a new member!
I guess I am not the only solitude oriented person here then.
Even though women are the majority voters they feel marginalised, what to do?
@ jadekitten
If you arent seen as a loner, you are seen as a snob huh?
But I guess at times you have to play the role to get along.
It is good to hear that you have pals that are leadership oriented, give them the help and push they need!
@ pikachu
I am 200% straight!The mix wasnt that bad, that was I put it there.
I do agree that juggling leadership and family is hard but more and more women are doing it.

Joseph Walking said...

i am just going to be honest i have no comment for this post am just here becausei am trying to attract traffic to my blog thats all .have an honest day wont you all

acolyte said...

@ joseph walking
Your honesty is much appreciated!

Princess said...

I spend a considerable amount of time by myself but can also create the illusion of being a social butterfly when the need arises. Liking to spend time alone is in no way an indication of boredom. The fact that so many of us visit your blog on a regular basis is evidence of the fact that you are far from boring.

Msanii_XL said...


I just stopped by to gloat the 3-0 crushing you endured at the hands of the toffees

Acolyte said...

@ Princess
Good to know that I am not on my own in the solitude train!
As for the many visits, that is a great endorsement!Thanks!
@ Msanii
I was hoping no-one would mention that!

Anonymous said...

BoneyM!!now we wait with baited breath for archer to ask for your hand in marriage
( oops did i let the cat out of the bag?)

Girl next door said...

You, boring? Doesn't seem like it.
I feel you on being an introvert 'cause I'm one too. Got to have alone time every day to stay sane. I work with lots of people and enjoy it most of the time, but once I leave then I need a time to recoup.

There's so much ignorance surrounding homosexuals--shaming people publicly doesn't change their sexual orientation. Let them be.

I won't get deep into the issues of women leaders but I know that Rwanda and Sweden have the highest proportions of women in govt.

sokari said...

I note that none of your commentors mention the Uganda part of your post. Surprise surprise. people are adept at glazing over and blanking anything to do with African, gays and lesbians. Nonetheless I thank you for linking to this despite the fact that people who consider themselves liberal blah blah blah cannot face the subject.

Acolyte said...

@ Anon
Seeing that gay marriage isnt legal in Kenya and I am straight and so is Archer, no wedding bells will be ringing; sorry to disappoint you.
@ Girl Next Door
Good to se that we are on the same page.
As for the naming issue, it only makes things worse.
I do know that those 2 nations are doing well in the inclusion of women in leadership.
@ Sokari
I do not consider myself very liberal but I do try to face matters head on and like you I am amazed that the outcry isn't louder.
Who knows, that may change with time...