Thursday, September 14, 2006

Old habits and A Kuongea Choo Segment.......

Unlike most Kenyans on-line I was far from surprised with this treatment of journalists by the President and Michuki's security. Press Freedom has improved since the bad old Moi days but is only ensured when journalists know there place.

According to the government, their comfort and reputation takes second place to the media's role to inform the Kenyan people and keep them updated on current affairs. It is of no great surprise that Michuki's security harassed the Press because he has made threats against the media and endorsed the raid on The East African Standard. The excuses used to indulge this behaviour was pathetic, how can photographing The President's limousine be a threat to national security when he is shown time and again entering and exiting it on the daily news on the government friendly KBC? As for Michuki, I am sure a simple "no comment" in response to the reporter's interview request would have been easier than tearing a man's shirt off his back

We are in a new age in Kenya but those relics do not seem to realise that and when they become uncomfortable they regress to the brutal tactics of the Nyayo era.It is only until a new generation comes in can we expect this behaviour to change.Were it not for Kenyan's insatiable appetite for politics, which in my opinion is more retrogressive than beneficial as most are just interested in the side shows; I would suggest a total boycott of Michuki by the media till he learns his lesson and leads the way in respecting the media.Now back to regular programming..

Today's Kuongea Choo segment is proudly brought to you by Harpic.Cleaning Kenyan toilets for decades!
The last time I was in ATL environs we went to see a Kenyan pal who had a bought a new house and we were hanging out in the tv room chatting. Some of his pal's were in the area so he invited them to come over and hang out. So his two pals came with some two chics. The dudes were pretty cordial and chatted with us and had a drink. The two girls sat on a couch by themselves and proceeded to whisper and one of them even proceeded to pick up a cushion and hold is close so as to buffer herself from the rest of us.
They declined all offers for something to drink ranging from beer, water and tea (the last one was my suggestion) and just sat quietly. After a few minutes one of them stepped to one of the dudes and talked to him, after a few minutes he said that they had to leave so we could guess what she told him.
Of course in typical Kenyan style after they left we began discussing them and their reluctance to socialise with the rest of us. The host spoke up and told us that the chic who suggested they leave was dating one of the dudes and was from Alabama so may have not been feeling at home while the other chic had come from Kenya 3 days ago and was still aclimatising.
It was at that point that a chic pal interjected, "Ah!Madame wa Alabama ni mafala na kuona yule dame mwingine niliguess hajakaa hapa sana; nguo zake zilikuwa zimechoka!!!!!Watu hapa stato hawadressingi hivyo na hata nywele yake bado ilikuwa na vumbi!Waishie!!!!!!"
And that was today's Kuongea Choo segment which was proudly brought to you by Harpic!


mocha said...

LOL....ati kuongea choo segment.

Ebu I go read!!!

*The regulars are still around Princess*

Movie Buff said...

You know what???? I hate when some person we know comes with either their chile or dude who doesnt usually hang out with us..... then u try and chat them up and they act like u r speaking Alien....

I hate that shit......

/end of rant

In other news, couples need to be driving two motis.... so that when one is ready to leave, they can be..... HOLLA.... and not mess up the starehes of the other person. DAMN SHAME!!!!

acolyte said...

@ Mocha!
Nice of you to come by!Holl awhen you are done reading.
@ Movie Buff
I disliked it to because it wasnt like anyone was trying to hit on the two mamas or anything.
As for the cars for couples thing, I feel you on that too!

Aegeus said...

So the one person per car thing is passed?

I really hate it when people, using whichever excuse, segregate themselves and katizia starehes of their escorts.

Na Michuki ashindwe! Kwani he thinks we like seeing his ugly mug on tv?

Acolyte said...

@ Aegus
I wish we had the authority to enforce it because some people deserve it!Because that mambo of people going to bashes to sit on their own is upuzi!
As for Michuki, the man is a neanderthal!

Princess said...

@Acolyte..the more stories I hear about Alabama folks the more I realize that they need to seriously start interacting with other people..they generally seem to distrust non-Alabamaians.

@Mocha..glad the regulars are still holding it down.

@Movie Buff..I agree about the two cars. I have a buddy whose ex-wife was refusing to socialize at his Firm's Christmas party and insisted they leave after 30 mins and he gave her the kesy and told her to bounce..LOL!!


Acolyte said...

@ Princess
Seeing as Alabama isnt faring well as regards very many areas ie economy,education etc it is in some ways understandable but still not justified!
Your buddy was so on point!At times people have to put their feet down.

Joseph Walking said...

Today i am so annoyed i wont give you my usual Narc defence this Mps make me sick.You are right we need new people but even more shocking is the quality and stupidity of the so called new breed MPs. Take the case oF one Ms Adelina Mwau a kenyan member of parliament and Assistant minister for labour

Ms Mwau was last week on record as having said in a recent interview that when she hired her current female bodyguard,(LINKS ON MY SITE) she had a few specifications that she required of the potential guard, including that an applicant should be a non smoker and a non “fanatical Christian”read saved christian. This coming from the minister of labor.

In her own words practicing discrimination based on religious belief. How can a country like Kenya progress with such stupidity at the highest levels of government .The next thing you know the government will be recruiting Kenya airways pilots and asking for non Muslim applicants? If anything Ms Mwau should resign from government and keep off from the public. How can a minister in the Ministry of labor be on record as being a bigot and flaunting the fact that she discriminates against born again Christians in a country where labor laws specifically make it a crime to discrininate based of religion. It just makes me sick to see a country like Kenya run by people such as Ms Mwau. What message is she sending out to born again christians who work across kenya.what of the hundreds and indeed thousands of military and police officers christians and muslims who are committed to their faith .what message is she sending out to them.. the quality of some members of parliament both in government and in opposition is shocking and very saddening.Not even in uganda can an mp get way with such stupidity.if you ask me we should do away with that whole parliament have 16 Mps only two from each province and get rid of all the rest they make me sick

Acolyte said...

@ joseph walking
I am going to your site now to see the link to the story.
I do agree that the discrimination showed by that MP is completely uncalled for.
But as I said once before, I think MPs need publicists to sanitise their statements before they speak.

Anonymous said...

Pray tell me it not possible to sue for injustice committed with such impunity in the name of national security???! Or is our judicial system too lame?It's a tragedy that we hail from a country run by grey old men and an imbecile (I use this term in it's politest context). Michuki and Emilio need to be blanked out by the press until they offer public apologies and compensation to the journalists assaulted by their security detail... with their approval. (i.e if seeking legal redress is asking for too much).

Enough said about really pissed! And anyone from Alabama should know better than to feign a superiority getting even more pissed!!! Even so, saying "...bado ana vumbi kwa nywele..." is a tad bit too harsh don't you think?? hmm...

Joseph Walking said...

Acolyte publicist! ms mwau needs a big fat lip if you ask me.

Acolyte said...

@ Anon
Your sentiments have been well expressed!
As for what was said about the Alabama mama that is why I labelled it the kuongea choo segment because of the way the chic talked mbaya.
@ jospeh walking
Seems that MP touched a nerve...

Joseph Walking said...

i jua people dont like saved people lakini to be arrogant about it!i wish i was in nai leo coz kesho you would have been reading about me in the papers as i am escorted to kibera law court for the mention of my case.

mocha said...

Kenyan Politics has always made me hate Politics in general.

And yet, after what we read in the papers day in and out about where the young politicians can they expect the majority of Kenyans like myself to be interested when all they do is make it look like a 'poo slinging' game. No one in their right mind would want to stink of that shit!!!

Now this story of National Security and journalists, kwani how do they expect the common mwanainchi who pays or is expected to pay taxes see where their money is going and how it is spent??? How are we supposed to know the goings on of the MPs if there is no coverage? Kwanza, after reading the EA Standard, si I thought they were invited?


Now this 'bile' vibing mama....kwani who paved the ground she walks on GOLD?

You are in a foreign country and yet you dont want to mingle with your own people. Funny thing is though, when you go back diggs, the same thing happens. Peeps of abroad are called snobs 'ati kwa sababu wamepanda ndege'!!! That ISH irks me to the bones. Kwani what the big deal about getting to know the person for the day?

Have a good day, Aco!

Kenyanchick said...

Oh my. Where to begin? I notice that it's not ok to say you don't want a 'fanatical Christian,' but it seems ok to say you want a non-smoker? Smoking's legal, is that not discrimination? But lots of people don't want to be exposed to second-hand smoke, some are allergic; could it be that Ms. Mwau didn't feel like spending hours of each day being preached at? (ducking now; here come the missiles!) And Joseph, saying she needs a fat lip? As unacceptable as her discrimination. I know her comment touched a nerve, is unnaceptable, but I wish there would be the same kind of outrage when other MPs make sexist or tribalist comments which are actually, in the long run, much much more harmful.

Believe me, I'm no fan of hers and I don't necessarily agree with her job specs (it seemed like an unnecessarily provocative thing for a Kenyan leader to say). I agree with Aco, they need publicists... or maybe a permanent vacation from public life.

Joseph Walking said...

@Kenyan chick

I will just say what I said b4 and i am glad you agree.. no matter what ones views might be on what a fanatic is or is not the law provides protection for all irrespective of what they believe .Hence I am glad you agree that no defense can be given to The minister .Some of the most experienced body guards in the world today are men and women of strong beliefs “fanatics” as many like to call them think of Osama’s bodyguards or The Israeli Shen-Bet just to name a few this are professionals who carry out their assigned duties , despite what the believe in.
I am not claiming to be an expert of VIP protection but the work of a bodyguard is not a job of companionship ,friendship and sharing stories, for that Ms Mwau needs to find a husband or some friends .

Being a bodyguard is a profession like any other. It has to be carried out professionally and within the boundaries it is set in. The notion the people with strong beliefs can not carry out their official duties without preaching and spreading the word is stupid and vindictive and can not be defended in anyway. The same applies to smokers just because you smoke doesn’t mean you will be blowing smoke in the ministers face all day does it .According to her then we can safely call to bar Kalonzo Musyoka from running for president or that “fanatics” should not practice law and bar the likes of Fred Odjiambo because we feel they cant be professional enough not to preach in the court room or in state house like a street preachers. It is this kind of reasoning that makes me sick. In any case what ever ones personal opion, a senior government official can not go around making such statements whatever her preferences might be .Especially when that person holds the docket that is meant to enforce labour laws that are internationally recognized and protected under the Kenyan constitution.
Going public with such stupidity only shows the kind of reasoning and foolishness that rans rampant in Kenya today. I think we fanatics are professional enough to carry out our assigned duties with professionalism.

Acolyte said...

So much fun!I think I will watch from the sidelines for a while!

Prousette said...