Wednesday, August 31, 2005


we're rich biyatch!!
What is blooting?This is the act of black people looting.No not a racist joke.I was looking at pics of looters after Katrina tore through New Orleans.And guess what?They were all black.So i decided to christen them blooters.This is because you have to be special to loot stuff you really cant use and you have no place that you can use them at.I mean your home has been swept away and your jacking a stereo or dvd player.where the hell are you going to use it and keep it?Up a tree?At least jack cash or bling if you must do so!These are the kind of people who give us black folk a bad name.You're all in the same boat of suffering but you have to make others suffer more then you!Any akataas have enuff issues.

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Milonare said...

I'm sure there were also clooters (caucasian looters). Just that the photos may not have been published...

Jus my 2 cents... ;)