Tuesday, August 30, 2005

no post name today too

Need to be getting to bed early.It is like noon and I am already yawning.It does not help that I'm done with todays' work.Have to be sleeping by 10.30 instead of midnight.Anyway did anyone watch the VMAs ( Video Music Awards ) last week?For me the best part was Kanye West and Jammie Foxx performing the song "Gold-digger".I love that song sawa lyrics and Jammie Foxx rocks on the chorus.In fact the boss has gone for lunch so I am playing it off his site.This comp is acting up and since it is a mac I do not know if it has task manager.
Yes I have todays NY times on my desk.It is free for students but with my schedule I end up only reading the first 2 pages then using it for cover when I nap on the comfy couches in the library.Then I do my homework or readings.Anyway that is before stress of term papers starts which I plan on heading off by working 2 months ahead of schedule.


Milonare said...

Dude.. I love the way you post daily. Yaani I always know I'll find sum'thin new...

Ng'orotaing in the libu? Be careful not to snore ;)

Acolyte said...

Thanks!After years of training in hi-school I do not snore. :)