Sunday, August 28, 2005

Another day..

Hey!Another long and tired Sunday.Well at least the morning.In the afte I went for a bash a spanish chic was holding at the uni apartments.Got to meet some new people and just basically kick back.It was better then staying in the digs to watch cable all day.Oh today I have to cook I think i will do pasta again with some stew I am just not feeling like doing rice today at all.Went to a place in downtown to buy lunch.The strange thing is that since this is a small town in the south the white folk have their joints but I am yet to figure out where the akataa joints are coz there are akataas here in number, yes I am not one of them but there is something very un-nerving about being the only black person in a bar catching pints.I did that for 2 nights then I saw bila better I pints solo at digs.Not that the jungus are bad here but you never know what pints may bring out of someone.
Then my roomies have this irritating habit of turning the aircon real low mpaka you have to wear a t-shirt ama sweater in the digs and this is at night.Of course I wait for whoever did it to go to their room and then I just turn it back up again of course and then the person does it again, woo hoo fun and games!The two of them do not seem to be doing particularly well but do not seem to mind running up high utility bills.Anyway it seems that is the maisha that they are used too.Oh can't wait for the long labour day weekend.I get to go to ATL for the weekend and have fun and be in the big city!Woo hoo bring it on!


Milonare said...

A Spanish mama? Hot? Did she bring her friends?

I visited my bro in Mississippi like two years back and had to go thru that only-nyaudhi-in-the-pub thingy. It kinda sucks!!!

I hear ATL rocks for Kenyans lakini one can really potea.... Jihadhari my guy...

Acolyte said...

Hey!thanks for the comment, yes she was hot and she did bring some fly pals.Shame that my spanish is very mboff!Yes the first weekend i was in ATL and went for a Kenyan bash I almost got lucky,just logistics that screwed me ie bila ride.Oh well I'm going back for the long weekend.We'll see what that brings.