Thursday, September 01, 2005


Just came from talking to a class a little about Kenya.As part of the international club I volunteer some of my time to do so.It was fun.I started out in true acolyte fashion with the following points to the class.
1.Africa is not one big country
2.Africa is not all desert
3.Africa is not all forest
4.Mufasa is not my friend nor do I have a lion in my backyard
5.We are all not dying of hunger
6.We are not all at war
After that I also told the students that I too had my preconceptions of stato, although I must admit that I did spice them up ie all americans are fat,all blacks are rappers/athletes/thugs,all whites are racists and all americans are rich.I then went on to tell them why they see the kind of news they do as the media is a business.After that it was question time and I did get lots of good questions ie on tradition,marriage and some inane ones like do we have drugs and alcohol.But these are american kids what do you expect.All in all it was fun to throw of some stereotypes and have fun while doing it.
But the levels of ignorance here are amazing I met this mama some time back.A very nice jungu chic who I like as none of her clothes are off the rack she has some really original stuff!But I got to see her leo and we got to talking about things in general.So we were talking about Africa and it was still amazing how ignorant this mama was as in she did not know what the Maasai Mara was!Anyway thats white folk for you so I did school her a bit too.But if ya'll think I am going to be an ambassador for Africa uh uh uh forget it!

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Milonare said...

Spread the word acolyte. Kenyans are just like all other people in all respects i.e. good and bad, educated and ignorant, exposed and unexposed...

While you're at it, also glean the positive stuff you can learn from them ;)