Thursday, September 01, 2005

a welcome break

Hey!Anutha day comes, if I get a ride I may get to leave this place for the long weekend!yay.Oh just before ya'll think I'm hating on the black folk here it is not like that thanks to Milonare and Karla (an akataa chic) I have been made aware that there were also clooters (caucasian looters) but the white,feminist media in the U.S does not pass up an opportunity to paint the black man in a bad light.Not that I doubted that jungus loot heck even cops were looting!It's just that it already gets to me how we are painted in a bad light so I think whenever possible we should avoid giving these jungus an excuse to do so.
Anyway gas here has gone to an all time high due to the panic that has spread because of the refinery at the gulf of mexico being washed away.So people are buying as much gas as they can.I guess this is just a taste of what these people will have to face when eventually the oil reserves of the earth run dry and all their SUVs and pick up trucks will be good for is storage.Thanks to Kibaki we in Kenya are at least a walking nation so no big deal for us when that happens.

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Milonare said...

Hey Acolyte!

I agree on the need to avoid giving others an opportunity to tarnish an already tarnished name (whether justified or not)...

Hahahaha at the comment about Baks even though its sad when I think deeper about it ;(