Monday, August 29, 2005


Monday is here!ho hum.Been doing alot of routine corrections of websites here.I was about to leave but I was added for jobo.Anyway jana's bash was low key but not bad I was bila swimsuit so i could not have swam.and the way I have been working my abs I can see my cubes now.Although to be honest I am not fat so that was not such a big issue but i am far from the bruce lee or usher abs.
It is Monday and I am aready wishing that Wed comes as that is when my classes isha then Thu I am away to ATL for the long weekend.Woo hoo!
Well I guess I should not be bitching about being the token black guy coz at least I see black people on the streets and in the hood on the way to my apartment.Imagine how people in Europe or Asia feel ( shudder )
Anyway will post after class....

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