Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I am just from a class that was total boredom.First of all it was about the U.S civil service then to make things worse the lecturer was so boring and long winded.This is definitely one course where I will concentrate more on the text as oppossed to the lecturer.Anyway it was at this point in time that I began having flashbacks of high school.In one of my classes our class room was next to the secretary's office which in turn adjoined the accounts and lastly the Headmasters' office.So when we really got bored what we would do was hit the wall or kick it.This would make stuff fall off the shelves in the secretary's office and the thuds also made it hard to work.Of course they used to complain but the best thing is that the class had louvres next to the ceiling and we had them set in such a way as to face the corridor and reflect people walking to the door.So by the time the class door was opened we were the picture of innocence.Damn those were the good old days!

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Milonare said...

I also dislike boring lecturers and the accompanying: yawns, heavy-eyelids, sleep, sudden-waking, more yawns, anger, mob anger!!!