Monday, September 19, 2005

150 posts!!!!

i have now hit the 150 posts mark woo hoo!And to think that I almost quit at one point in time.Thanks to people in the KBW family and other passers-bye whose comments let me know that my efforts were not in vain.I would also like to thank my english teachers who had faith in my writing skills as a young man and members of my family for reading my works.Last but not least I would like to thank God for making me the virtuoso that I am!
Anyway on a far more serious not I was checking out the news about the Kenyan ambassador to stato being recalled to Kenya for an alleged sex assault.It is amazing how we men screw up important things over a piece of ass!I mean if men stopped thinking about and chasing after sex the world would be utopia!
I do not know what really happened so I can only cast forth what I am sure some people are saying.His suppporters and family must be saying the gal set him up and wanted to black mail him and he said no so she called the cops on him.His detractors must be saying that he has been doing this for a long time so now has gotten his due.Me being clueless will say that witneses if any should come forward.But now that the assualter and assaultee have been called back to Kenya all that hypothesising has been rendered needless.Most probably what will happen is that the chic will be transferred if she is lucky with some extra spending cash aka payoff or thrown out on her ass into the mean streets of nai and the ex-Ambassador will be given a low profile but still lucrative position by the old boys network.It's not right but that's how it works different laws for differnt people.


sandman said...

quite true - you know it's probably true cause the chic has nothing but bad thing coming

Milonare said...

Hongera at ur one and a half century!!!

Ati deported for feel-feeling the goods?? How embarassing!!!

Yaani guys have no shame! Why did the chick have to return being the victim and all???

Wangari said...

well done on your 150, may you live to be toothless (which translates to may you live to have posts to infinitum..)

i hadnt heard about that storo.. haiya!!

UARIDI said...

Kudos on the 150 post mark. Keep on blogging. Even when there are no comments, watu wanasoma blog.

AfroFeminista said...

Congratulations on the reaching the 150 mark!

As for the Ambassador, it now turns out he hasn't been recalled home and the complainant has withdrawn her claims (smells like intimidation to me!).

In my opinion, the seriousness of these charges should be sufficient to call him home even though the complainant withdraws her claims. Atleast for there to time for the GoK to do an internal investigation of its own. This of course is unlikely and more's the pity.

In a country where we rape is going on at an unprecedented rate, the Govt. could have shown a more 'sensitive' and 'responsive' side to the situation of the Ambassador.

I'm with Milonare on the whole idea that the victim should be 'recalled' (even though it now turns out it didn't happen...doesn't mean they will not sneak it in somehow)