Saturday, September 24, 2005


Oh well the weekend is here.Woo hoo, went to visit the local bar for the first time in like a month and shock on me!The bar tender remembered me, I guess since it is a small town that does happen as new faces do not come by often.
Yesterday there was this chic who was to take me to Walmart but told me that she was meeting a friend first for lunch then she would pass by my apartment to pick me up so I could go shop.So as I am waiting for her she calls and says that she is having domes with her boyfi and the have to try and sort them out.So no ride for shopping also I now know the lay of the land in that direction too.Good thing is that I had a plan B, there is this akataa chic whom I share a class with and she had to do a presentation on a reading we had.Well the interesting thing is that many akataas I think due to speaking too much slang find writing papers esp those that need alot of techinical and tortous explanation very boring and hard to do.So we were meeting so I would give her a hand.To make things even more interesting she had not bothered to read it so I had to show her the key parts and also threw her some good pointers to bring up.So I told her that it's a case of a favour for a favour and that she had to take me to Walmart in exchange.So she was fine with that and we went.Also she showed me the shops where she works and that she gets 30% discount from a store for men's stuff ( forgot the name ), bath and bodywork and for my dearest Irena--drumroll please-- Victoria's Secret. Also noticed that hanging with her is helping me understand their accent as it is much deeper then the jungu accent so those moments of when I am taking a walk in the street and someone starts a short convo and since I do not understand half of what someone is saying I end up smiling and cutting them short before I look like a total idiot.Last lesson is always have a Plan B you can never know how things can go wrong.Well it is nap time for me then I will amuka to deal with a take home.


Milonare said...

planbs or spare wheels are cool. some tiumes theyare even better than the origi!!!

I think my two other comments were kulwad

Kwnaza the way I typed. will try again kesho...

*not happy*

Enjoyyur weekend aco..

U know I be loving ur blog BTW

Acolyte said...

pole sana about that.What i usually do is copy them after i finish typing then send them to print.If they do not appear i repeat the process just pasting what i had typed before.Thanks for the support, your posts rock and are worth the weekly wait!