Friday, September 23, 2005

EABL etc

I was in the lib yesterday evening multi-tasking ie reading and summarising a research paper,surfing the net and listening to my Kenyan genge cd.Anyhow as I was doing so for some strange reason I Tusker jumped into my head so I hunted down the EABL site and found out that they even have commercials on their site.So there I was in the lib drooling over the golden waters that are the Tusker brands missing the everpresent chatter in pubs back home and all the smoke.Unlike here where you can't smoke in bars.Back home me and my clothes must have smoked a carton of gaffs via second hand smoke.Anyway enough being sentimental back to life at hand and watered down pints.
Oh and remember the mama who was giving me all her storos?I had been trying to buzz her but since she is so busy as a chem major I could not get hold of her so I was like "kwani ni wewe tuu?" and life went on.So what cut is that there is this other chic who was doing a paper on ppl on different cultures and she wanted to get my view so I was like "cool" so after helping her out I told her that she had to buy me ice cream.Well as we were at the ice cream parlour enjoying our ice cream chic no.1 walks in and sees me with chic no.2 it seemed to me she was not too pleased but on the other hand she was not too expressive.So me being the gentleman tumaad salaams, quick chat and life went on.Seems there is puno in finding somewhere you like and sticking to it.Reminds me of a story and no it was not me of this jamaa.Whenever he found a girl he liked and they hit it off he would take her for a weekend at a lodge at Lake Naivasha.So two weeks previous he was with another mama at this joint but the vibe katikad so he now had girl number 2 whom he pelekad chap chap!So now they were at the lodge stage already.As he drove into the lodge an eager porter ran up to the car and in hopes of earning a good tip uttered, "Boss habari yako!Umerudi na nimeona umetuletea mwingine!"Needless to say that trip was not as fruitful as planned.Lesson of the day.Diversify your methods and venues!


nick said...

hee hee hee i love that dont care born free attitude "kwani ni wewe tuu?"

i love such busted storos...tell a brada to go upstairs pack his bags and while he's at it call a cab cause he's busted!!!! (i penda that song!)

Milonare said...

Love that wimbo too!!!

Yaani you geuza mama's like ngothaz???

Diversifying is sawaz lakini sometimes one is tempted to stick woth tried and tested methods if they led to the desired result...

Did they still lodge???

And what else othe rthan ice cream did you receive???

Acolyte said...

@ milo
well un4tunately for the jamaa the chic was not keen on lodging since now she knew that she was a statistic.
also as long as i have not kulad strokes for me that does not count as geuzaing.I am still at the window shopping stage. :).Well apart from ice cream we may hang out again but she said she has a man but i dont wish anyway.