Saturday, September 24, 2005

Friday evening

Friday evening the sister of one of the Kenyan gals came into town.So we were hanging with her and some other Swedish guy who used to go to school here.We went to get something to eat and the Kenyan gal who goes to school her being the home girl that she is opted not to catch a drink with us so we dropped her at her flat.So the thing is that the big sis drives a very sawa Lexus SUV and the swedish guy drives a Toyota saloon pre-camry I think.So the guy asks her if the moti was her and she was like yes it is.And I thought that it would end there.So as we go to the bar the mama is like we are the one shocking pinto for her and she was not drinking brown or green bottle.Mentally I was like, "Mami it's how?You are making mad cash and you expect me a broke ass grad student to shock you pinto?"Yea right!So as we are waiting for the bar to clear I made use of tactic #1- I have to go the gents and as I came back I found her causing for the jungu.How come you havent bought my drink?And she was doing it the way Kenyan chics do it not with malice but with a smile on her face, this tactic has caused many a kubaff to part with their hard earned money to buy many a gal sambuca,tequila and other things i can't pronounce.Good thing is that I met some very interesting pal as oppossed to the usual karatasi college kids you find in the local bars.Oh as I was saying earlier the swedish jamaa asks the mama 2 diff times about the moti and once again on Saturday morning as he had something to give the chics' small sis as he was leaving stato and had to sell some of his stuff.I was like "kwani you think a miroo mama can't come to stato jobo and get a better car then you?Kwani you think africans are all poor.We are way smarter then you bi-yatch!" But the gal much to her credit took his questions in good humour.I guess to some people some things seems impossible.


Milonare said...

Sema Aco,
So who ended up buying for the chile drinks?

Stereotypes are common everywhere... Poor Swedish guy must have been really intimidated. Serves him right...

It is gentlemanly to sometimes offer to buy a lady a drink lakini if she thinks its her right then it becomes awkward hehehehe

Liked the loo ruse to avoid buying... Used it quite a bit back in the day lakini I used to move to the pool table instead LOLOLOL

Acolyte said...

Of course as a gentleman if she acts like a lady i will make an offer.lakini with this mama there was was nuthin like that.Obvious the swedish jamaa is the one who bought her pinto.In my case haribu jina okoa mfuko.