Wednesday, September 21, 2005

He still gotta go!

Like 2 posts back I commented about the ambassador issue.Well afrofeminista let me know that the move to recall the ambassador was cancelled after the complainant withdrew the charges.What I think is that the looming spectre of joblessness seemed too large for the lady involved.But I did some digging of my own and it seems that the man is ill equiped to be our ambassador to the states.I hear that during an international conference he was to give a speech so as he starts reading it he is overcome by some of the technical words in the speech so -cue kuyo zack accent here- "eeh eeh you know I do not write these things."WTF!Haven't you heard of practising your speech!
Oh and there was this time there was a conference in New York and Waangari Maathai was speaking and do you know what group was the loudest and worst behaved during this speech?Yes you guessed write the Kenyans at one point the Ambassador got up -cue kuyo zack accent here- "I am the prefect here you should all keep quiet."An action with the best intentions at heart but couldn't he have just whispered to his fellow zacks to shut the F up ealier, during that same conference a Kenyan pal who works for the UN kindly asked him to take a photo of her and Prof Maathai and he just sneered at her and said "you expect me to do something like that?" and walked off.Oh and this is not about our ambassador but the quality of career diplomats we have, during a World Bank seminar one of these zacks says he wants to make some calls and shuts himself in an office for a whole day making international calls.First of all you are a guest and then you go ahead to bite the hand that has fed you?The World Bank officials were having none of that and he had to pay the bill.I do not care who Kibaki used to play with in the mud zama za kale huko huko this things of appointing neanderthals to politically sensitive positions has to stop!

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Milonare said...

I saw that they were consensual in their 40s... Anyway, that's besides the point...

What scares me is the prevalence of kindergarten-reasoning in our positions of power... Eish!!!