Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Marriage fun

Unlike Kenya many men in the states feel that they are getting a raw deal out of marriage ie raped in divorce court.So they are opting not to get married or marry and live outside america where the law favours men.This has been called the marriage strike it is beginning to catch on in the U.K too.Anyway I was passing by a forum and came across this.Thought it to be very funny and informative.

This may have been posted waaaaaaay back before, but I'll ask it anyway: Any good comebacks to "Why aren't you married yet?"

Some of my faves are:

1. Why aren't you thin (females)/rich (males)?
2. What, you expect me to make some poor gal miserable?
3. I'm afraid of ending up with someone like you.
4. Why should I buy a house for a woman I don't like?
5. I can't believe your poor taste asking such personal questions like that in public!
6. Why not just bang my head against a wall and burn all my money?
7. Because marriage is slavery.
10. Because marriage is the no. 1 cause of divorce.
11. I know...My eggs are dying by the minute! I better hurry!
12. When I see a happy long-term marriage, I will start to think about it.
13. B/c its hard to find a good woman. Feel free to set me up.
14. There are no good women left ! They're all taken.
15. I want to marry, and quit working, and swim all day. But I'm not finding any takers! Too many selfish women! I need someone to treat me like the Prince I am !
16. I only make $200k.
17. No reason.
18. Dont know.
19. One word: FREEDOM!
20. Because I like my life.
21. Because if I wanted to live with a psychotic, I'd move into a mental institution.
22. Because being single and broke is less painful than being married and flayed alive...and broke.
23. It would be quicker to take my self-respect, my pride, my dreams, my ambitions, and my money and possessions and just burn them on a bonfire.
24. Because I like sex way too much to have to give it up.
25. Because I don't want a wife who will cash out--and that's almost all of them.
26. With depreciating assets, I prefer to lease.
27. I don't want to give my girlfriend a license for bad behavior, and give up my right to get a new girlfriend at no cost.
28. Because I prefer a relationship that offers me benefits instead of just liabilities.
29. Because I like being happy.
30. There aren’t any good gals out there”

A reason for everyday of the month WOO HOO!!


tomas said...
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tomas said...

Dude thats too cool. Next time some chic comes up and.....
You've helped out a brother who didnt know how to reply the commitment questions.

By the way!!!Congrats on your 150th blog for some of us it seems so far!!

Milonare said...


Lakini I can't comment since my wedo is just around the corner...


gishungwa said...

hey that was anice one at least next time someone proposes i know exactly what to say you know say no in a nice way

150th blog encore
invites please