Sunday, September 11, 2005

Easy like Sunday morning

Ah Sunday is here.I have spent most of it bumming in bed on doctor's orders even though I already have a basic idea why I feel so tired.And the worst thing about it is that the more time you spend in bed the more tired that you feel so it is a self defeating practice for me to spend lots of time in bed so that I get more energy.
Well the missing container of food turned up in the sink in the morning and to ask the roomie the jamaa disowns even though they were only 2 of us in the house that night.Ama a burglar broke in and jacked my food, yea right!So I cooked more food but this time I have put it in the freezer.Ran into 2 roaches last week on two different days.The roaches are so big that I dropped an iron on one to kill it and the thing was still moving.I went to the store and bought the most poweful insecticide that I could find and I sprayed it on places where I knew they could enter the room through ie doorjamb etc.Gotta look out for myself you know.
Anyway now I am in the lib reviewing some articles.To save time I am reviewing as it write so that I only have to read the articles twice.They are from a book about world politics and the ironic thing is that the most interesting and easy to review ones are then ones that are anti-american but I have limited myself to 2 don't want to look anti-stato.
The level of ignorance about the world outside here is so amazing that it ceases to amaze me. There are some cultured Americans I will admit but most of them are not. I think that educated Kenyans are more cultured then educated Americans. I find it interesting how some of these jungus feel so much more cultured after a brief 2 week visit to Europe usually Britain,Spain,Italy or France. Why thy do not choose to visit even Eastern Europe I do not know as that would be more illuminating if you can't afford to do Asia or Africa.


Anonymous said...

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Milonare said...

Spent my weekend in bed. Tired as sh*t. I agree that too much sleep tires you out!!

I've said it be4, I'll say it again. Having done my fair share of travelling I can only conclude that the Kenyan human capital ranks right up there with the best of the best!!

caroline said...

yes. i am the chick seated next to the guy closest to the camera...unless u were thinking that i am "mzungu" white Kenyan...LOL

nick said...

my sunday spent it unshowered in pyjamas....bliss
let it be known i hate roaches:those reslient super sonic sons of !@#$%...auui u drop an iron and its still ati pushin the iron from underneath....i's scream like a girl!!!

P.S there was this fear factor a valentine's special. where a couple had to pick mouthfuls of roaches with their mouth and then pass them o their partner then the partner piles them in nother bucket! Lord God!! Like a girl i said!!!!

Guessaurus said...

I had an extremely lazy sunday too...but I disagree with all that sleeping makes you feel tired. I and bed are very close>

Did someone in here say roaches? Wah wah, cant stand those alien looking creatures... You are brave to be fighting them, I would do a Nick and scream like a gal :)

Acolyte said...

The first time one of those roaches was in my room the thing went undercover, so i was dozing kidogo to awake i see something black on my chest.I grabbed the nearest mag and hit it hard!Kumbe i had just killed the zipper on my jacket.But i still got the bastard in the end!