Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Funny and sad

This one was so funny that I had to share.Some of the chics that I share classes with work in the corrections system aka prisons.So one of these chics is a librarian at a geriatric prison where most of the prisoners are over 60 and on the verge of chipping.So she tells me about these blind prisoners who lead each other.Why?Coz one of them is more skilled with his cane then the other.But that is not the funny part.I asked her how a blind man can be in prison and she says that someone put a gun in his hand and told him to walk in a store.She asked him if he asked what it was or wether he could feel what it was and he was like bila.So he walked into the store and he went down....damn whoever set him up was a bastard!On a sad note she told me how the prisoners there wanted to take college courses and you know what the warden says "no way anyone here is gonna be smarter then me!"
Oh well life can be a biyatch!


Mocha! said...

true...that is kweli sad and funny at the sametime.

on a blognote...thanks for the comment on my blog about education...made feel abit better.

Milonare said...


kwani the court system works how? Bizarre...

The warder comment aint cool at all!!! prisons are meant to rehabilitate