Tuesday, September 13, 2005

list of 5

Hey good thing I was tagged by Milonare as I am feeling kinda blogged out.I guess that is my puno for when at times I blog upto 3 times a day.Anyway here goes.

Five places of maana, I be approaching these like road runner
1.Anywhere that I can go skydiving, always wanted to do that.
2.Brazil- Always wanted to go there.Nice people,nice beaches,soccer,capoeira and damn the CHICS (woo hoo).
3.South Korea - I have seen some pics of the rural parts and they look so serene and beautiful would also love to see their temples
4.Deep Sea Diving - Not a place but something I would love to do too
5.Nai - Yes I miss life in nai.the dust,parkies,mats and all ( sniff,sniff)

These fashion items be crude, I’d rather go nude

1.Kuyo sweaters - Not made by kuyos but there were some sweaters that were sold in stores like Kings and other chuti shops that kuyo mathees just seemed to love.
2.Freezer/Savco jeans - Yes they are no longer sold but is still remember how wack they are to this day!
3.Waistcoats - I just do not like them.Guess being squeezed in some as a kiddo left after effects.
4.Hospital gowns - need i say more
5.Tuxedos - Always painful when you have to escort one of your own to the slaughter.

Given a metre, nitado hivi bila kusita

If I had a million I would.
1.Help out the Katrina folks
2.Help the abandoned pets from Katrina ( yes I have a heart for animals )
3.Do a round the world trip
4.Sadia my few relas of maana back home

My 5 greatest joys

1.Playing with dogs
2.Martial arts...and no I am not a bully
3.Watching action/kung fu flicks
4.intellectual and witty converation
5.Sleeping in the afternoon

5 best songs

1.Mr Jones - Counting Crows
2.Keep your head up - 2pac
3.Jesus Freak - DC Talk ( even tho I am a heathen of sorts )
4.Return to innocence - Enigma
5.Gregorian chant

5 Best Snacks
1.Roast Maize
2.Boiled Maize
3.Sweet potatoes
4.Nyam chom
5.Tusker ( this is a complete food for me physically and spiritually! )


Milonare said...

The Carnival at Brazil - sizzling hot I hear ;)

Those green hospital gowns that give wind unhindered access to daibs LOLOLOL

Martial arts - hmmm some Shaolin compe in here Hahahaha (But mine is all in the mind)

Hahaha at Tusker...

Ulikuwa wapi 10, 5, 1 yr(s) ago? Toboa...

What did you do jana?

You have to unleash in all categories Tihihihi

nick said...

what about 5 years back...10...jana...am just teasin u even me have been tagged and am tryin to get out of this. i keep tellin people am on pax hawasikii.

Kuyo sweaters:enyewe kwanza there is a breed of short sleeves sweaters and a ka-ugly green colour as well.

by the way. to get that tagboard go to neoworks.net

Part 2 said...

wazi kwa kupitia. your blog has very interesting postings. endelea na mwendo huo huo ...

Part 2 said...

wazi kwa kupitia. your blog has very interesting postings. endelea na mwendo huo huo ...