Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I have lost it....part 2

Following the wonderful correspondence by ya'll here are more sound effects.
1.Remember days of peles (liners in bottle tops) and we used to unleash pahh!!! to make them turn over... We later styled up and used Mr Wam-puh-gu for the same effect... - Courtesy of milonare
2.Ama when your undie is stuck between buttchecks and you unleash as you hear siiiap!! - courtesy of milonare again
3.we used to say "kudi" when you found someone in hide-and-seek LOL might be related to kudiro - milonare tena
4.And chubli when someone dived into water or unleashed during a long call!! - Need I name names anymore?
5.sing mario sing mario tanareka(dont even ask) leo leo abcd kesho kesho 123... - That one belongs to nick
6.ngomongo-pingili-pangala-pingili... - Nick again
7.chikting chikting!',the sound of camera clicks in 'let's pretend to be movie stars, kid series' - from prickypicks
8.Latest update: - "dsshngeo"- the sound of a shooting a gun. from Blue Poet.
-Hmmmmm and we are suppossed to be adults tee hee hee


Blue Poet said...

My all time favourite: "dsshngeo"- the sound of a shooting a gun.
Thanx for the memories.


Milonare said...

Hahaha Blue

That's a classic...

Depending on the caliber it was sometimes "dsshniu" ama that was a silencer LOL

To be adults we must have been kids at some point...

Mocha! said...


classics kweli! lakini weka warning when you blog like this. almost got sacked for chekaing!