Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I have lost it....temporarily

Jana after evening class i went to the lib to try and summarise a paper anutha prof had given us.This paper is so verbose and philosophical about sumthin practical so it is a pain in the arse.I got to page 3 out of 6 then my brain said "screw this!" so even though I was reading words nuthin was getting into my head.So my mind went on it's own tangent and due to all these 5 of the best tags and where were you posts courtesy of people like nick and milionare my mind started rememebering the sound effects that we used to make as kids.
1.Twaff!!! - The sound of a slap
2.Kuduu!!!!- The sound of something falling down usually a heavy object or person
3.WOO WOO!!! - A dog barking.Kwani Kenyan dogs never heard of the letter F?
4.Chwiiii - The sound of someone farting quietly.
5.Krrrrrr - sound of someone farting loudly also used to summarise a chair being pulled across the floor
6.Chwaaa!!! - The sound of something spectacular being unleashed ie we were with jono and then chwaa!!! he chucked a red from his pocket.
7.Chonyonyonyonyo - the sound a car used to make when it was being started

- Well it has been a few years so I have forgotten most of the damn sounds that and i think if my boss sees me now she thinks I am concentrating on the work she has given me but instead I am making kiddie noises in my head.Yenyewe nimechizi!


nick said...

and what is wrong wit losing it u wanna hung out in our looney bin wit milo and msanii...we always get a good treat on the night shift!!!!

as for sounds let me add kidogo on ur list then make u feel comfy ur not the only one out there

-kudiro! danger
-nye nye nye bubu nye nye bubu preferably wit a toungue stickin out
-nyanyako star! star...
-laying goosey eggs!
-matako juu juu kama brake za honda...

i'll let milo add on

acolyte said...

How could I forget this classic
ni-no-ni-no-ni-no :- the sound of an ambulance.And to think i am doing this on office time tsk tsk

Milonare said...

@nick - Hahahaha - we def have a mathare candidate here!!!

Remember days of peles (liners in bottle tops) and we used to unleash pahh!!! to make them turn over... We later styled up and used Mr Wam-puh-gu for the same effect...

Ama when your undie is stuck between buttchecks and you unleash as you hear siiiap!!

we used to say "kudi" when you found someone in hide-and-seek LOL might be related to kudiro

And chubli when someone dived into water or unleashed during a long call!!


nick said...

-oh yes them peles that had traffic signs and football players...damn and if someone won your coloured-y tears would slowly drip
-chubli then splash: after a constipated long call with backlash!!!

@milo ati we're on a recruitin mission.
@acolyte: that chwii is an example of a careless whisper
-sing mario sing mario tanareka(dont even ask) leo leo abcd kesho kesho 123...

prickypicks said...

yeah yeah its a world of sounds, you must add this one:'chikting chikting!',the sound of camera clicks in 'let's pretend to be movie stars, kid series'

Milonare said...


That's nursy's decision LOL