Friday, December 09, 2005

Interesting combos

Since it is the end of the sem and I am off to ATL I cant buy too much perishable food as it will spoil in the fridge and also I am out of food so I have been reduced to living on 1 take out meal a day and the most interesting food combinations I can cook up.This takes me back to the most interesting combis I used to have when I was doing my undergrad deegree and when I would use money for food on more important things like beer,clubbing,electronics and flossing.Here are my top combos:
1.Weetabix and water:No the weetabix was not mixed with water.It was sprinkle sugar on the weetabix biscuit in my hand take a bit and wash it down with water so I don't cook.
2.Supa loaf and quencher orange juice:Worked for both breakfast and dinner.That bread was so good that you could eat it alone!
3.Supa loaf and cold Coke:When there was a little extra spending cash!
4.Coke and Britannia biscuits:In campo we had departmental meetings.If you were smart enuff you could make off with a whole box.As a result to this day I cant eat more then one Britannia or short cake biscuit.
5.Ugali and Maziwa Mala (sour milk):Just add sugar to the milk and it works pretty well.
6.Chapati and Coke:Seems Coke is showing up alot here!Well its a good mixer.This combo worked for all occassions.
7.French fries and chapati:A wonderful combination.Damn I miss chapos any gals around who can make some for me I will gladly pay for shipping and handling!
8.Crisps (potato chips) and ketchup:When fries aren't available you gotta make due!
9.Carrots and water:I enjoy eating sweet raw carrots they make for a healthy breakfast
10.Ndumas (arrow roots)/sweet potatoes and water:The role of water in this instance was to make sure that you dont choke to death.
11.3 minute noodles:This doesnt sound unusual?Well I used to eat them raw when pressed for time.The soup mix was good for making something extra to drink before bed.
12.Cold bread and Tusker Malt:We were stranded in Naivasha once and we had outstayed our welcome so as we waited for our ride that was like 8 hours late some mamas took pity on us and gave us some hard frozen bread.Beer was the only thing that could prevent it from doin irreperable damage to our throats.
13.Baked beans:These in case of a pinch can be eaten on their own at any time of day.
14.Cold rice and water/strong tea:What you had for supper can always be had for breakfast too!
15.Bachelors banquet:When you take any of the ingredients above put them in a pan,toss in onions,tomatoes,spices,heat then simmer for a while.May resemble the contents of a witches cauldron but usually taste so much better.
Ah the good old days of uni!But when I left uni I got some plausible cooking skills so ladies do not fear if you are my guest I will not cook you something that will overtax and destroy your stomach fluids thus leaading you to have to revert to the diet of a 3 year old as your digestive system reconstitutes itself.
ps:Just remembered all the fruit combos!


MsaniiXL said...

Just claiming my throne ...i bizzack lard boy..

Mignon said...

lol...some of those combis just sound lethal. when i was in boarding school, i remember the britannia and coke all too well. at some point, that was all i ate for lunch and supper since i could not handle the "small elephants" in my githeri. another delicacy was the crisps (kwanza "tropical heat") with ketchup...i used to think it was nasty when my friends did it but it didn't take too long for me to acquire a taste for it!

as for the chapos, we can work out a deal...shipping and handling ndio, lakini unga costs money too. hiyo we'll negotiate :)

spicebear said...

RAW NOODLES? aco, how does that even work? cos of exams thats all i eat, i shall be sick of them by this time next week.

combos that i have tried: pizza and herbal tea (there was nothing else ...)
ugali and baked beans (brokeness is a bad thing i tell you)
githeri and crisps (boarding school)
mixture spread on bread (blueband, sugar and drinking chocolate) some people also used to add peanut butter and avocado ...

i have officially re-traumatised myself. those memories!

Mochalicious! said...

LOL....those combos are too deadly (ok, not literally)!

I remember a few from my high school days.

Crisps na mandazi sandwich. This is where the fluffy insides of the ndao is removed and the crisps are placed inside and crushed when pressing them into place to make a sandwich. Yum yum....with a cold coke.

Murram (with weevils of course) - made edible by adding Roiko, Blueband and avocado(i didnt eat avocado, dont like it that much) after it was served on your plate.

The spread mentioned by spicebear - legendary and yummy too.

Left-overs from HomeScience lessons.

While abroad - my first shopping basket contained value store brands. Ati I was saving my chums...I shangaad how not all of them are that good.

Personal favorite heard story, where peeps nunuad catfood tins coz they are so cheap...and they did this for like months until someone pointed it out. Si you jua diggs we go to the butcher, not Nakumatt for pet food.tihihihihihi!

acolyte said...

@ Cute angel
I will holla at u soonest!!
@ spice bear
you would be surprised at how much they taste like some of these asian delicacies like chevda.
-Ug and baked beans:sounds good!
-gith and crisps:BLLECH!!!
-I hate bread spread combos!!!I can never eat peanut butter on bread i eat it directly from the bottle.
I revel in your trauma!!!
@ Mocha
-Crisps and ndao?That sounds too weird at least ndao and sausage works better!
-Those murram combis were deadly, but you needed to survive!
-Store brands are a hit and miss storo.I have some store brand food that is still in my fridge 4 months later, one taste just put me off!

Tee J said...

Maziwa Mala....Oh, I miss it. Damn! Kwanza with mob sugay.

Oh the high school ones brot back memories. We used to make bun and crinya sandwiches. Kata the bun, spread blueband and weka krinyas in the katikati. It actually tasted real good. I also prefer peanut butter by itself; and using a finger, not a spoon, coz it tastes better that way...:-)

Oh and who pissed u off(the comments post)?

acolyte said...

@ Tee J
Now some of those combis are becoming way too extreme BB,bun and crisps?Yes peanut butter bila bread rules.The comments storo is for another day....