Sunday, December 04, 2005


Seeing as Guess decided to talk about her different marriage proposals I got to ruminating on the issue and it came to me that marriage has little to offer anyone in this day and age.Companionship?Date someone, besides people have so much going on nowadays in terms of work,day to day tasks to take care of someone else's emotional well being full time.If you cant date get a dog or a cat, they're always glad to see you at the end of the day.Sex?Please people are shagging whenever and wherever, btw:seems some womens' libidos drop to zero after they taste that wedding cake, I wont even get started on how some people let themselves go once they have gotten marriage thus turning into some totally unappealing blimps and some men seem to take exception on having to live on bread alone.Financial security?Nowadays women dont need men to be financially secure they can make money and in some cases make even more cash then men.When you are single you have more money to use as you see fit, contrary to popular belief marriage doesnt equal more money just more bills.Children?They are no longer the status symbols they used to be, besides these are not the days of the past where people needed children to help on their farm, also have you noticed how in this day and age children are more of a liability then a source of joy.But if you must you can adopt or get a surrogate mother or visit a sperm bank.Divorce, nowadays people are in such a rush to run to their lawyer whenever any problem shows up in their marriage, dont let me get started on the emotional heartache and financial rape.
It is with this in mind that I think that marriage should be turned into an annual renewable contract with financial prenups included.If you are sick of the one you are with you can walk away.A doctor once said that married men live longer, may be true but they are also more willing to die.
ps: I owed my rommie $10 for the cable bill.Cable which I hardly watch and I dont have all the channels since I do not have a box on my telly.So I was not looking forward to having to go to the ATM to get the K, so I step out of my aparment and I look on the ground to my left and yes you guessed right!$10 dollar bill.Now time to start wishing for money to buy an I-pod nano!


nick said...

1.msanii and all the other wiley rroad runners have been outdone by the fat kid next door that is an oxymoronic sentence having cable that you dont watch...nigga u dont deserve that 10$bill
3.i love seeig how people think kids come cheap and easy...i have some buddies who had a lil raincoat accident and now are proud father and mother and u can see it in there eyes.
4.ati after wedding cake zero feelings and they just let themselves go...LMAO

Prousette said...

nothing good comes cheap and easy this included chips(!!), kids, marriage up to and including cable TV.
Shall we give you 10 more years and see if you hold the same thoughts?

acolyte said...

@ Nick
1.Enjoy it while it lasts....
2.The bill ain't $10 its $30.Dang!
3.That vibe of having to pay for one nite's fun for 18 years aint funny at all!
4.Its true my guy I have seen it happen!
@ Prou
I thot the same thing when i was 18 It is almost 10 years later!Damn Im old!!

Msanii_XL said...

@Nicko..And So?

@Aco...Man i have lost my namba footing...your views are way out i guess this the end of the Aco lineage? fuck adopting.. I'm challening the MING dynasty seeds lazima..

Mochalicious said...

Why lie....i kinda feel the same way about marriage...kwanza when peeps give up after a year. You wonder why they got together in the first place.

In my opinion....I will give it a go when the time comes. Right now...wacha I enjoy life bila 'contract'.

Acolyte said...

@ Msanii
tell nick it ain't over yet!!!
You haven't heard even half of my views yet!!!I just tone 'em down most of the time coz I don't have time to deal with hate mail
@ Mocha
I am not ruling it out but the way people act sometimes it just dont seem worth the drama and effort.But yes enjoy life bila contract!