Sunday, May 07, 2006

End of another semster...

End of semester grades came in the other day!All I can say is, no progress and no back sliding.My grades remained the same, funding continues for one more year!Woo hoo!
But I am disappointed with myself slightly because most of this semester I coasted.I have this bad habit at times of not exerting myself to my full potential.In looking back I could have clearly gotten 3 As this semester.
But instead I chose to ride on sheer talent and intelligence instead (I am not blowing my horn but you would be surprised at how uselful the tools that you are given by the 8-4-4 come in helping you get ahead in this educational system!).Anyway what's done is done, I have learned my lesson!
Saturday I went with a friend of mine to their home town.I thought I lived in the country, but I was wrong!You know you are in a country town when there is only one stop light and the city hall is more like a city shop.But on the plus is that people seem to be real close and know each other.I mean my friend actually stopped their car in the middle of the road and talked to one of their cousins for 5 minutes.That lets you know how much traffic there is in that town!Plus there is only one stop light in their part of town!
My friends relatives live a few houses away, in fact some actually did drop in when I was there.Life in their area is nice and quiet, affordable,the air is fresh and the crime is really low.To some extent I think I could live in such a place but I have to admit the Nairobian that is in me is really strong and it would only be a matter of time till I began to miss the anonymity that comes with living in a city.The different sights and sounds, malls and skyscrapers. Well the usual solution that meets both criteria for most is living in the suburbs.But life in the suburbs comes with its' own set of problems.
Anyway time for me to enjoy my short holiday before I start my summer classes and job.


AK said...

no. 1 here today!
kudos for good grades.

I also think the city rocks especially when you see completely new faces every time you venture out of your house. what can beat that?

Guessaurus said...

Good on your grades Aco - when I was in Uni here I always felt the same way, if I didnt get an A I knew it was because I didnt do that extra work, not because I wasnt capable. Am I the only person that gets pissed off if I get a B?

LOL@ city life - I have at one time or the other thought of living outside this city, but when I think about the limited options, I chuck that idea.

One traffic light - tihii - just looking outside this window I can see like 5 in less than 500M - sad - and I dont live inside the city of London..

acolyte said...

@ ak
Yes the city still has great advantages!
@ guess
Yes seems B here is our C.But I need to get more serious with masomo.Yes country life does seem tempting but I am a city boy at heart!

mocha! said...

Congrats on your grades Aco....although I am kidogo disappointed you didn't put 101% into this semester.

Enjoy your hols!

The Devious One said...
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The Devious One said...

Damn Aco, sounbds like you were in the ville of the ville.....ha ha ha

Did U get to see the mayor by any chance lool !

Was this one of them towns that black peeps better not be spotted when the sun goes down ?

acolyte said...

@ mocha
Thanks!I guess I will have to improve next sem!
@ devious one
Nah didnt get to see the Mayor, and no we black folk can take a late night walk out there!