Saturday, May 13, 2006

We won the cup!!!!!!!

Pepe Reina makes a great save in the shoot out

The cup is ours!

Our Skipper lifts the cup

After pulling back from 2 goals down and scoring an equaliser in stoppage time (scored by none other then Super Stevie Gerrard!) and playing most of extra time with 10 men, we took the game to penalties and thanks to saves from Goalie of the season Jose Reina, we won the game and the FA Cup!
Unfortunately being stateside and not having the soccer channel meant that I had to follow the game on the net via live commentary. It seems that I will have to wait for the highlights to be posted on youtube and other video share sites.I can only imagine the atmosphere in the Nairobi bars at the moment.Well at least I have an excuse to have a beer or two tonight!
Liverpool rocks and are the comeback Kings!
This is a classic qoute by the people from who give live game commentaries on the site...
Gerrard cannot contribute to the game anymore and cannot be substituted as Benitez has used all his substitutions.Liverpool are effectively playing with 10 men.Which they are well used to following Djimi Traore's many matches for them.
And despite his condition he went on to score one of the penalties during the shoot out!If that isnt heart then I don't know what is!
Anyway time to leave, the librarian is wondering why I am jumping up and down like I'm high on crack!


Farmgal said...

was just wondering about the penalty skills of those west ham boys. They denied us the biggest upset ever. nyhoo congrats

Guessaurus said...

I was wondering when one of you will come out and gloat.

I am duly upset - I was all for west ham until Gerrard did his thing and equalised. damn

And, contrary to the whole world, I refuse to honour the penalty shoot-outs. Dont start with me, that was so unfair, you guys won, but west ham did a bloody good job... I mean, they were playing against Liverpool for F*s sake.

Good Job west ham - dont ask me why but I was behind them guys

*G walks away not very amused*

mocha! said...

Congrats on the FA!

I was rooting for WHU....lakini wapi! That game was timam to say the least.

Have a nice Sunday Aco!

acolyte said...

@ farmgal
The probo was not the penalty taking skills but getting past our goalie..Pepe Reina!
@ guess
Well we came back during the champion's league and we came back this time!But West Ham did give us a run for our money!
@ mocha!
Thanks!You need to learn that Liverpool kick ass!Have a good Sunday too!

Gay Nairobi Man said...


I have never gotten this soceer thing( it has nothing to do with my sexuality) especially the need for Kenyans to go ga-ga over English soccer sides. It does not apply with other sports. Volleyball, basketball and rugby supporters support local teams and even if they watch other teams outside Africa, they would never use the term 'we won' for a team they support.

Surely, when you say we, does that mean you have played for them, or you are a shreholder?

As I said, i dont get the soccer thing

acolyte said...

First of all I am sure that you do know that soccer is the most popular sport in Africa.And when Africans support other teams in other sports they do use the term "we", I have seen it during the Rugby World Cup too.You do know that Kenyans have embraced English Soccer due to the deplorable state of our local soccer which is of course the result of leadership who have their own selfish wishes and not national soccer at heart.So given the result that the EPL has been followed by Kenyans for a long long time it is only natural that we embrace the next alternative available the EPL.Oh and yes I do plan to buy share in Liverpool and visit Anfield sometime in the next 4 years!
But I am sure that you have passions that other people do not understand!