Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Look what I found!

I went to visit the other Kenyan pal today at his new summer digs and after lunch he was walking me back to school and we ran across a tree that had these...

Being that it had been sometime since I had tasted some loquats we shamelessly picked some as we walked, but my pal made a vow to come back under the cover of sunset to strip the trees of as much as he could carry!
I remember we had a loquat tree at one of the houses we lived in as kids, so these fruit do bring back memories!Hmmmm I think I have to take a walk somewhere in that area tommorrow!


Kenyangal said...

take that moviebuff LOL!! I thought thsoe things were called luquads!!!

AfroM said...

hayaa! i remember those - especially falling off of one and being given a shtern warning not to ever climb the tree...and it was in our yard...needless to say i took it as more of a suggestion...Oh the memories!

Guessaurus said...

I want I want some of those -they are prevalent in August at home right? We used to have them in our little 'orchard' that Dad guarded like the 'seals' camp

Dude - do I need to mention that u have all the fun? Not fair

Movie Buff said...

OK KG, I take it!

Aki that picture has made me wish for those things.... passion fruits......

acolyte said...

@ kenyangal
I think the name changes wherever you are coz I googled and I got the term loquats.
@ afrom
I guess someone was busy climbing trees and breaking that and I guess it was worth it!
@ guess
Yes those things were tasty!Nah!You have more fun ie going to Paris!
@ movie buff
Aren't passion fruit available in here?I miss them too!

Keguro said...

I spent many happy August holidays in my grandmother's trees, hours upon hours of fruit consumption.

Ahh, the joys of youth!

Kabinti said...

wa! we had one of those in our compound, loved the fruit. hebu mapquest that location so that we can also share :o) passion fruits are out here movie buff lakini shock on you when you realize that the tiny wrinkly things (completely unlike the home ones) cost 99cts for one!!! as in WTF!!!

KenyanMusings said...

And are those not the juiciest.....Hmmmm,

I grew up with them trees, so they have a special place in my here organ, altho' I have kinda out grown them.

LOL, and remember how people used to call them luqus/ lugus/lukus....or was that jus me?

Farmgal said...

luguads...thts what we call them...yummy hebu tumia me

mS k said...

Aiyaiyai, yani those things look JUICY!!!

Abby said...

interesting coincidence ... i just had guavas this week - hadnt had any in like 20 years.

luquat trees were the first thing i remember planting as kids.

The Devious One said... u invite me to join your fruit stealing adventures..siko mbali !

acolyte said...

@ keguro
Seemed I walked into a minefield of meemories!
@ kabinti
0.99$ for a passion fruit?!That's murder!
@ KM
I think everyone has their own name for them!I wish I coulda had a taste of the ones you had!
@ farmgal
Will they survive the trip across the pond?
@ ms k
At least you have access to them in nai!
@ mama mia
Guavas!Those were super delicous too!
@ devious one
Just let me know when you are coming!

Couch 'tato said...

and them seeds used to be so smooth u didnt wanna spit them out...mmm mmm mm

acolyte said...

@ couch tato
Someone told me that the seeds were poisonous.Did you ever swallow any?