Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Marriage overhyped II

Well onto part 2!
I once had this fly mama pal who was saved.She used to regal me with storos of how "brothers" would come up to her and tell them how God had shown them that she was the One.She got so used to it that she used to tell them that when God gives her the same messages she'd get back to them!Plus I think it was just lust that sent them there as there is no way God would send 5 dudes to the same chic (unless polyandry is part of christianity now!).
Then there are these kubaffs both male and female who believe in the business of laying out fleeces.Like a dude who put out this fleece that the first "sister" who came in wearing a red dress.When the first chic who came in wearing a red dress looked more like one of the Easter Island Statues as opposed to the vision of beauty he had in mind; the brother rebuked the works of the devil and went back to prayer!
Then there are these weird churches where the Pastor proclaims himself as match maker!I mean that's just plain pathetic and un-biblical!But anyway faith has often become a substitute for logic!
Then there was this Pastor who had the audacity to tell a chic that I knew that she was committing a sin by being single.How now?Well according to him that by being single, this gal was leaving a man single and as a result this single man was going to have to resort to sinful practices to slake his lust!A load of B.S if you ask me!
I once went for a church camp and I remember the lady who was talking to us telling us that it is God's will for us to be married.I put up my hand and with the patent Aco grin on my face asked her, "Can it not be God's will for some of us to be single and for our God filled lifestyle to be a testimony on how we can rely on God and not someone else to live a spirit filled life; much like Paul himself did?"It was fun watching the self righteous grin she had slide off her face as she grit her teeth and agreed with me.
Also let's look at it this way, for every christian to be maried people have to accept salvation in equal numbers across genders.This isnt Noah's ark so someone's going to lose out and it is going to be the ladies!On your marks, get set, start praying!People need to learn that there is more to life, having a big white wedding and whelping out a couple of brats!
ps:People say you will want to get maried when you meet that "special" person.That's another big bag of horse piss if you ask me.Once a lone ranger, always a lone ranger!


nick said...

People need to learn that there is more to life, having a big white wedding and whelping out a couple of brats!

tru dat! tho society expects that from everyone...ud rather be uneducated homeless and hungry than be unmarried.

LOL@ the single chic causing other me to sin

kenya77 said...

you sound like two women lol

The Devious One said...

This is my view on marriage...

marriage is when two interesting people become ONE boring person !

There ya have it!

dangerously_shy said...

Oh Acolyte..*sighs*

I do not agree that there is one person for all the 6 billion souls but i do believe that there is the right type of person and whether it ends in marriage or not is up to the two individuals so there is more to life than a white wedding but theres something to be said for having a soul mate...

Devious one - Lol@boring..erm Aco meet Devious one, Devious one meet Acolyte

*retreats into the shadows and waits for love to blossom*

Anonymous said...

Being single is not natural people lets not console ourselves with uongo.havent you heard it is not good for a man to be alone.But not everyone was born to be married too. the stats dont add up. as for being married =boring. i dont buy that one bit

Anonymous said...

ndeeeshy u are still awake lol- got the email i shall remain anonymous here lol but i had to comment

acolyte said...

@ Nick
Society can be a bitch!
@ Kenya77
Nah!We woulda been bitching about how we have chosen a dress, wedding location, bridesmaids but there is no man to wed!
@ devious one
I feel you on that!Some of the most boring people I know are married!
@ D shy
So you dont believe in there being someone for everyone but you do talk about the possibility of a soul mate (aka perfect match).So elaborate, which is which?
@ Anonymus
Who said that being single is not natural?Just because most animals seek to mate so as to perputuate the species means that we dont have too!We are human and abovce such feral impulses or at least I think that I am.Also are you saying that married people are unnatural freaks of nature?
Married people do tend to be boring as marriage is not conducive to spontaenity, it instead leads to more responsibility which leads to mundane tasks which lead to a humdrum existance.

Kenyangal said...

It may be that God called some people to be single but there is a reason too why he created Adam and Eve. I believe that if you have a desire to be married then obviously you were not called for the single life and I agree with Anon that it is unnatural for people to be single.. you have to have a very special calling to live the single life happily (there are many priests and nun's who can't hack it, we've heard the illicit stories, rather than burn in temptation they should have taken st pauls advice and gotten married.) Many people take the marriage thing too far but they have their hearts in the right place, marriage is a good thing. I have watched my bro's courtship from the start and have never seen anything more beautiful and want the same for myself. I mean there is more to life than marriage but whats wrong with enjoying all there is in life with someone else, isnt it better to enjoy those things, the big house,the car, the holidays e.t.c with a husband or wife rather than by yourself or with some random man or chick?

Girl next door said...

I had to come back for round 2! It's dumb that people justify a marriage only through a supposed message from God. So how do Buddhists, Santerians, and atheists choose their spouses?

As for the idea of laying fleeces: I actually know a couple with a funny story like that. Ati the man bought a dress and said that the woman who would fit into it would be his wife. Wtf? And some women lined up to try it on; it must have worked coz now he's married.

I hate the assumption people make that everyone is just dying to get married. It works for some couples who find each other and want the same thing. Other couples live together (but I advocate making it official when there are kids). Some people jump in early but others take their time. Others just say "not interested." Nothing wrong with that!
@ Kenyangal,
I don't believe it's unnatural to be single. Some people are single by choice or circumstance. There are so many factors involved with every individual. It's wonderful to share the beautiful things in life with a spouse but if it doesn't happen, there are other people like family members who probably deserve it more.

mocha! said...

LOL.....ok we get the message Aco.

You are never going to get married or something close to that. I dunno! I can see society has changed your view of Marriage kabisa. Oh well, when you decide to walk down that aisle.....ebu email me the invite. This is one event i wouldnt want to miss!

Anonymous said...

First time on your blog and you have cured me of all my recent non-stop talk on need to get a good jamaa. The church angle has taken me to Lighti church days of non-stop preaching marriage - and to think some are divorced as we speak!
thanks for making my day
@ girl next door, women lined up to fit the dress???? LOL

Stunuh Jay said...

'special person...'HOGWASH! BULLCRAP! and the other pleasantries that complete that senteces! HAH!

acolyte said...

@ kenyangal
If God desired all people to be married then come marriage age there would be an equal amount of men to women.We know that is not true and will never be.So what do we learn?That some people will not marry at all.
I believe that if you have a desire to be married then obviously you were not called for the single life
That is a load of hogwash, just because you want something that does not mean that you will get it and that it is right.You are using the same dogma that prosperity preachers use, your desire for something does not validate it in God's eyes.
It seems that single people to you and anon are aberrations of nature much like the gay,crippled, crazy etc.Just because people are different from you does not make you and your people the right ones.
Those who cannot live the chaste single life and dedicate themselves to God are weak and subject to their lusts and that has nothing to do with being married.In fact you have broken down marriage to its base component, an avenue for sex and reproduction; and we know you can get both without being married!
As for your courtship aspirations all the best!There are more important things in life then big cars, houses and holidays to aspire to.But if you feel that God created you half then go ahead and seek your other half!
@ girl next door
I think you have said it well.Marriage has its' pluses but it is not everything!There is more to life then marriage and kids and it is about time people learned that!But that story was on its' own level!
@ mocha
I am not saying that I will not get married.What I am saying is that people make too much a deal out of it and it makes me sick to my stomach!
@ anonymus
Glad to be of service.I went to lighthouse once and that whole shoving marriage down peoples' throats made me want to dish out an ass whooping!
@ stunuh
Seems you see it the same way that I see it!

The Devious One said...

Dshy, thanks for the hookup but I have my eye on this old rich geezer with one foot on the grave !

Dshy,this is Aco...Aco this is Dshy...

*retreats into the background to watch in amusement and place bets on how long it shall last*

acolyte said...

@ devious one
Si before the geezer chips we can have some hanky panky?

The Devious One said...

sure Aco..I can pencil you in between old geezers weekly doctors visits Wednesday good for you ? ( now i know why they call it humpday ) ha ha ha ha