Thursday, May 11, 2006

Will Justice Prevail

The scion of the Delamare family is back to his murderous ways!Thomas Patrick Gilbert Cholmondeley has once again taken the life of a Kenyan.His account says that the deceased was among a group of armed poachers that attacked him on his expansive farm, but the account of one of the wounded survivors disputes this.The survivor says that they had surrendered when they encountered the Baron, and during questioning the deceased attempted to escape and that is when the Baron shot him.The body of the deceased had a bullet wound in the back near the pelvis that led to his death.
The previous case against Cholmondeley was dropped and the the inquisition into the murder has faded into a legal mist generated by the AG.
This time justice must prevail!There should be justice for all, no matter what the color of their skin or station in life.
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Stunuh Jay said...

Teehee hee!
Me first again :D

The Devious One said...

This is crazy !
The justice system clearly failed the first time ( and Im sure kipakano money was involved )

It is my hope that this time justice prevails and the victim(s) should file a civil lawsuit for wrongful death but that might just get warped into the slow justice system we have.

Nippeeni AK47 I will go do the dude some street justice by blowing his freaking kneecaps off !

Arrrgh this kind of shit posses me off !!

Prousette said...

I will not hold my breath.
Normally, the law is an ass but in the case of Kenya it brays regularly for effect.

I am thinking we should boycott all Delamere products in solidarity. I have since he shot the KWS ranger.

Acolyte said...

@ stunuh
Good for you!Now ebu chomoa an opinion!
@ devious one
I too know that money was poured!But this time round justice should (keyword being should) prevail!
@ prousette
I do so feel you on the state of our justice system!I do think that a boycott of Delamare products in order!

Stunuh Jay said...

Alright already! I try not to dot on your blog...OK so I've lied but not this time:
I read about the delamere kin, but I thought, typical. There is a large wsociety of British people who live in Kenya and don't integrate, whatsoever! So I'm not surprised he didn't think twice about shooting a Kenyan. He probably didn't think their life was worth much.

acolyte said...

@ stunuh
Well the interesting thing is that the British Gvt has washed its' hands off that Delamare chap this time round so we'll see who'll come up with the clout to let him off or will he feel the full force of the law?
And yes there are too many White "Kenyans" who live in their own world.It's about time they realised they cant do that forever!