Saturday, May 13, 2006

My main reality show

I dont watch many reality TV shows but there is one that I never make a point of missing....The Ultimate Fighter.The whole concept is that a group of martial artists who tale part in mixed martial arts are divided into 2 teams.There are two weight classes and fighters in the two different weight classes from different teams go up against each other in the octagon (the fighting cage). The winning fighter from each weight class gets a 6 figure contract with the UFC.
Anyway with that out of the way, the house has quite a big assortment of characters and this was brought out best in last weeks show.Now the team that is leading in number of matches won has this student that the coach has as a personal favourite.This fighter is deaf and was a collegiate champion but has only 6 years experience and the trainer sees himself in this dude and gives him more time in training in comparison to the other fighters.The other fighters are not impressed with this at all and to make things worse this fighter has been developing and ego based on the attention and the fact that he thinks he is the best fighter in the house.
His team member think that the deaf fighter (Matt) trains too hard and is hurting the other team mates. The team mates decide they have had enough and decide to give Matt a taste of his own medicine.During sparring one fighter parries his punch and gives him a hard kick to the head and this is followed by a hard uppercut to the jaw during the next session from another fighter.Their team coach is worried there might be some damage so he sends Matt off to the hospital.
When the Team arrives at the house, everyone is quick to tell the rest of the fighters about Matt getting injured in practice. Everyone is elated to hear that Matt is not so invincible after all, everyone except Danny (The only fighter who likes Matt). Matt finally comes home and heads up to bed. Danny joins him to help keep an eye on his friend.
Meanwhile, Matt is being waited on hand and foot by Danny, who brings cereal and sandwiches to his convalescing friend. The rest of the house thinks that Matt is taking advantage of his injured jaw. They’re determined not to do anything to help him out.
Unsympathetically, they all lament about how nice it would be if someone made them sandwiches.
Anyway an envelope arrives at the house for one of the fighters.
The fighters goof off in the house as they are stir crazy. Noah (the dude who got the letter and had qualified for the next round) hides in the bathroom to read what was in the envelope. When he reappears, he seems quite stunned.One of his team mates tries to talk to Noah but all he will say is that something bad happened back home. Everyone starts speculating as to what horrible incident must have happened back home for Noah to be so distraught. Noah finally reveals that someone has accused him of cheating on his girlfriend and she is upset. He is not sure he is going to be able to continue training unless he can talk to her.
The next morning, Dana (The owner of the UFC who is running the show) arrives at the house to talk to Noah. Noah wants to be allowed to call his girlfriend, but Dana tells him he can’t allow it. He explains that everyone in the competition would love to call home too but they can’t. That’s not why they’re all here. He tells Noah to get his head on straight or head home. Noah decides to leave and says that he’ll either be viewed as a coward for walking away or a hero for doing something he believes in.
Dana calls the fighters to the gym. He explains that Noah left this great opportunity for a girl he’s only been dating for six months (6 frigging months!). The guys can’t believe it. They all thought he’d been seeing this girl for a really long time. Their team coach explains that you can’t become a championship fighter unless you are willing to sacrifice. Dana then goes on to explain that Noah’s departure means that someone gets to come back. He calls out for the fighters to enter the gym. The door opens and we see that the replacement fighter is…
What gets to me is that this Noah chap had to work for months and go through audition and audition to get where he was and he throws it all away!As I watched the show, Dana told Noah that making a phone call would not solve the problem but make things worse as he would still be in the house.I feel that he should have waited for the show to end and then sorted out his troubles.6 months!They had only been dating 6 months and this dude throws away an opportunity that thousands would kill to get!For me I feel that Noah was an idiot to leave, would any of you give up the opportunity of a life time to go do damage control about rumours?For me Noah is the Honorary Punk of the Month!


Stunuh Jay said...

MEEE First! (picture me tootsy rolling!!! )
I would just take advantage of Matt...end of! But I think it's really an interesting show for a reality show that is.

KenyanMusings said..., I dunno. I do not know who matt and his friends are....sigh!

Hi Aco? Great weekend I hope.

acolyte said...

@ stunuh
Congrats!Yes it is a refreshing change from the usual drivel we get to watch!
@ KM
I think I will put a link to the site in the main post.I had an ok weekend!How's the hunt going?

KenyanMusings said...

That could be tres cool...a link, angalau nione....

The hunt? Ai, is going timam, altho'men are slippery like eels you know?....tehe, but watapatikana. wako...we cannot exhaust supply!!

Have a good week. I am so idle today, I feel like I should ask for no pay for this day...eiiish!

Acolyte said...

@ Kenyanmusings
I am sure things will pan out given your mad hunting skills!As for those days when you bum in the office, they do come in handy when you remember the shitty days that are coming!

KenyanMusings said...

tehe..ati mad make me sound like I chase, subdue and apprehend helpless victims....

Short lived joy...back to busy again!
Keepin well?